5 Strategies To Hire Chefs On The FIFO Model


Are you struggling to fill your FIFO chef jobs with the right talent? Well, you’re not alone. Finding experienced chefs who are willing to work on a FIFO (Fly-In, Fly-Out) basis can be a challenging task. However, with the right strategies in place, you can simplify the hiring process and ensure you have a top-notch culinary team to cater to your remote or mining site. In this blog post, we’ll explore effective strategies to help you hire chefs on the FIFO model.

1. Craft Clear and Compelling Job Descriptions

The first step in attracting the right candidates for your FIFO chef jobs in Perth is to create job descriptions that are both clear and compelling. Potential hires need to understand the unique demands and benefits of working on a FIFO basis. Use engaging language to describe the work environment, the rotation schedule, and the perks that come with the job. Pro tip: Mention the career growth opportunities within your organization to make the position even more attractive. Use phrases like “opportunity for growth” and “competitive compensation” to pique the interest of potential candidates.

2. Leverage Online Job Platforms

To reach a broader pool of candidates for your FIFO chef jobs Perth, make sure to leverage popular online job platforms. Websites and industry-specific platforms are excellent places to post your job listings. Use specific keywords such as “FIFO chef” to ensure your job postings reach the right audience. Pro tip: Invest in sponsored job listings to increase visibility and attract more relevant applicants. Additionally, consider using social media channels to promote your job openings.

3. Partner with Culinary Schools and Associations

Collaborating with culinary schools and industry associations can be an excellent way to tap into a pool of aspiring and experienced chefs. Many culinary schools have job placement programs, and they can connect you with graduates who are eager to embark on a FIFO culinary journey. Pro tip: Offer to provide training or internships for culinary students interested in gaining experience in the FIFO model. This can be a win-win situation, as you get to groom future talent while filling your current vacancies.

4. Implement a Rigorous Interview Process

Given the unique demands of chef jobs, it’s essential to implement a rigorous interview process to ensure that you’re selecting candidates who are not only skilled in the kitchen but also well-prepared for the challenges of a FIFO lifestyle. Ask questions related to adaptability, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Pro tip: Consider involving your current chefs who have experience working on a FIFO basis in the interview process. They can provide valuable insights and help assess a candidate’s suitability for the role.

5. Emphasize Work-Life Balance

One of the key concerns for potential candidates considering FIFO chef jobs is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Address this concern by highlighting the schedule and leave policies that your company offers. Be transparent about the rotations, time off, and any additional benefits like recreational facilities or opportunities to explore the local area during downtime. Pro tip: Share success stories or testimonials from your existing FIFO chefs who have found a satisfying work-life balance while working for your organization. Hearing from current employees can be reassuring for prospective candidates.


Hiring chefs on a FIFO model may seem challenging, but with these five strategies in place, you can attract the right talent and build a strong culinary team for your remote or mining site. Remember to craft compelling job descriptions, use online platforms effectively, partner with culinary schools, conduct rigorous interviews, and emphasize work-life balance to make your FIFO chef jobs Perth more appealing to potential candidates. With patience and persistence, you’ll find the perfect chefs to meet your culinary needs on a FIFO basis. And if that doesn’t work well, you can consult a professional recruitment agency such as Techforce to source perfect candidates for your chef roles.

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