7 Reasons Not To Underestimate The Power Of Beer Tap Handle


The function of a beer tap handle is simple: it opens and closes the beer tap. When a bartender or barmaid moves the tap handle forward, draught beer flows from the faucet. Pulling the beer tap handle backward closes the tap and stops the flow of beer.

However, a beer tap handle does not have to be basic and boring. Some people have their logo, while other accessorise it more to make it attractive. Beer Tap Handles Australia is now not just a dispensing tool and if you want to know why? then keep reading.

1. The Stylish Look

Everybody is attracted to beautiful and unique things, a carefully designed beer tap handle can act as a final touch to the interior of your bar and also grab the attention of your visitors and make them visit more often.

2. Unique Brand Representation

If you are someone who likes to tell your guest about your brand history and philosophy, then you can create personalised beer taps with a brand image/logo or slogan.

3. Improve Reputation

True beer lovers can never get over a cozy bar installed with fascinating Best Beer Tap Handles Australia-wide. And hence it will create a reputation for your bar which can never fade away.

4. Competitiveness

You’re probably aware of how many bars and pubs exist in your city. Every year, their number increases. To avoid becoming lost among a sea of competitors, you must devise something that will set your establishment apart from the others.

5. Increase Dispensing Rate And Ultimately Your Sale

Beer tap handles are usually installed right on the bar counter, where it is most noticeable for visitors. And hence it becomes the selling element of your bar by attracting the attention of visitors. All you need to do is to install beer tap handles and see the magic.

6. Differentiating Element

By selecting a one-of-a-kind beer-distributing tool, you can be certain that no one else in the world has it! Your customers will recognize your product by this unique element.

7. Displaying Beer Tap Handles

Because these beer handles come in different colours, you may use them to create a unique theme in your bar. For instance, suppose white cylinder-shaped tap handles for artisan beers and red ones for imports. Then it will be simple for any of your visitors that enter through the door to determine which section they should visit first. 

When you need to draw attention to your products, this is the ideal solution!

Make The Beer Style Obvious With Tap Handles

During peak beer-drinking hours, bar areas are crowded. Customers are under more pressure to order quickly and do not take the time to ask their waitress about the many varieties of beer available at each tap handle. Displaying your brand’s beer style prominently on the side of the handle can instantly provide answers for both the barman and the customers. Everyone is more willing to give it a shot as a result.

Customise your Beer Tap Handles Australia-wide to draw attention to your business with its unusual shape, contrasting colours, and visible beer style and brand. 

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