A Brief About The Common Type Of Lawyers In Australia

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There are such areas you must need the support of a lawyer, and for that, you must be searching. People are unaware of the type and category of the lawyer. As per the law, there are main 4 types of lawyers,

  • Civil

The civil law has enclosed with the different areas, considering the legal rights just like the membership or education of the children are included in the civil law.


The Divorce lawyers Melbourne services are also coming under civil law, and the best way to describe the action is to consider in the civil law, not in the crime.

In this law, it is up to every individual to solve their own problems by going to court or he/she can go with a lawyer.

  • Criminal

It is in the police enforce and it is a good way to summarise, what crimes are under criminal law. The theft is against the person, but it should be done by the criminal law. It is treated by the public services and it is not by the layers, not the investigators.

  • Common and
  • Statutory

Other categories are coming in these 2.

Subcategories of the lawyers in Australia:

  • Family Lawyers
  • Banking And Financial Lawyers
  • Criminal Lawyer
  • Public Lawyer
  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Media Lawyer

If you have been looking for a lawyer to help you solve your legal problem, you have probably already check those 4 types of lawyers. But it is a very large and complex category for the same. And you will find the different attorney for the specialised area.

Why the selection of the perfect lawyer is necessary?

You must find a lawyer, who is capable to handle your legal problems, whether it is family related or it is a bank or financial you have to choose the appropriate one. Whether it is common or uncommon the perfect one is necessary to handle your issue.

Let me give you one example,

If you have any issue related to family property and you get to connect the corporate lawyer not any family lawyers Melbourne company then? That is preferable??? No, not… Every lawyer has their own specialty.

Considering the family lawyer,

If you need the prenuptial agreement or any process related to child custody or it is related to divorce, spousal support only family lawyer will better be equipped to guide you for the future process.

The first to question about the lawyer is, Once all things have been seen by any witness, the court will adjourn the session for the judge to make its decision. When you appear in the court, the only lawyer can put your issue in front of the judge.


As we discussed, there are many several types of lawyers available in the legal market today. When you are seeking legal help to solve a problem you are facing, it is a good idea to seek the appropriate as well as a lawyer with the experience in the specific area.


The lawyers who have degrees and experience in the law as well as have additional training. Who can do the paperwork, as well as fight for you, must be respected and preferable. Most important, he/she will have to find the best punishment for the person who is accused, in any kind of the issue.

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