Avoid These Mistakes While Artificial Turf Installation


Placing own artificial turf using DIY is easy with detailed steps, all the right tools, and hands-on experience working with artificial turf. It’s better to thoroughly go through installation guide and use specific tools for the best result. A common mistake can ruin your Artificial Turf Melbourne installation resulting in bad outdoor. Keep on reading the blog till the end when starting an artificial turf installation project to make the artificial turf installation process smoother. 

Wrong reading 

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Check the measured value. Measure the footprint at least twice from different directions. Make sure you have the right amount of lawn to cover your installation area most efficiently by doing calculations with one of our lawn consultants. 

Wrong base material 

In principle, its recommend ¼ “to 3/4” impulse stones as the base material. The roughness of the bedrock determines the drainage of the new lawn. Therefore, if you have drainage problems, choose a coarser material. Also, never use pea gravel-like round rocks as they will slip when you try to compress them. 

Non-uniform surface 

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Artificial turf looks best when placed on a smooth surface. Conspicuous bumps and wrinkles make the lawn less attractive. When removing an existing landscaping, be sure to remove the roots and rocks that are causing the bumps. Next, it is recommended to use a lawn roller or plate compactor to smoothly compress the base layer. 

Smoothen the base  

Work on the smoother base for the durable turf installation. This makes the lawn look more natural and drains water from the center. If you are not confident to do the job, you can ask or hire any experienced person to carry the job safely.

Ignore wood grain 

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Artificial turf sheets have a natural “wood grain” or orientation. Pay attention to this grain and always place the lawn in the same direction to avoid visible seams on the lawn. For best results, we recommend pointing towards the viewer of the particle. 

Buy turf in batch 

 Different batches of artificial turf show slight color shifts. If you order half of the lawn now and next month, the lawn may look a little different. For best results, buy all the lawns at once. 

Don’t install weed blockers 

One of the great things about artificial turf is that you no longer need to weed the lawn. Synthetic grass has evolved into a remarkably realistic and technologically advanced replacement to actual grass over the years. Synthetic grass products, on the other hand, were not always this way. Much research and development went into the spectacular synthetic grass products that are available to consumers today, as with other popularly adopted modern items.

So, are you going to make any outdoor garden for sports? Artificial turf installation is suitable for almost every sports like tennis, basketball and many other outdoor games. Take advice from Tennis Court Maintenance Melbourne experts to preserve the durability of the fake grass. Hope you found the blog useful for your outdoor fake grass installation, share your comments and other thoughts regarding fake grass installation in the comment section.

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