Don’t Do These Mistakes While Hanging Modern Artwork


Hanging art is one of the best parts about building a home, but it can also be intimidating. Hanging a piece of art properly—whether you’re framing or mounting it on your wall—is an important first step to creating an overall look that’s both functional and beautiful. The good news is that there are some basic rules for hanging modern artwork that will help you avoid common mistakes and create something truly amazing in your space!

Dont hang small pictures in a group to create a gallery wall.

Hanging small pictures in a group is an effective way to create a gallery wall. There are many ways you can make your small picture grouping stand out and look great, but the most important thing is that you don’t hang them all at the same height on the wall.

Modern Artwork

  • Hang them at different heights. Hang some higher than others, or place some above others as well as below them. If using several of the same size and shape of artworks, hang them with one higher than another (or vice versa).
  • Space them apart from each other on both sides of the wall space so there isn’t too much empty space between each image—if possible! This can also accentuate their visual impact by drawing attention to those areas where they are further apart from one another and making them seem larger than life!
  • Adjust their angles for added dimensionality—this will also keep things interesting for your guests who may walk around looking closely at every item before moving onto something else nearby!

Don’t hang your art too low and too close together.

This is a common mistake, but it can completely ruin the impact of an artwork. If you hang a painting or drawing too low, it will look like a group of small pictures instead of one large piece. This happens because we have evolved to see images in three dimensions; if you place paintings at different heights they will appear separate from each other, creating a sense of perspective that makes them seem larger than they actually are.

If you’re trying to create a collage instead of an installation, hanging things too close together will make your viewer think that’s what you were going for anyway!

Don’t hang one big piece of art on a big wall.

A big piece of art on a big wall will overwhelm the room. Instead, place several smaller pieces in different areas of the room to create a gallery wall.

  • Hang your artwork at eye level or slightly above it. You don’t want to have to look up too high or down too low when you’re trying to enjoy your masterpiece!
  • Choose artwork that’s scaled properly for the space you’re hanging it in; if it’s too small, then it won’t be able to fill up enough space on its own — and if it’s too large for what you’ve got planned for your walls, then there’ll be empty space around it anyway!

Don’t rely on assumed eye level.

The biggest mistake you can make when hanging modern art is using incorrect spacing. To get this right, use a level to ensure that your piece is hung straight. If you are not sure what eye level should be, ask a friend or family member to help you out. Another thing that can go wrong while hanging Pink Wall Art is making sure that the picture doesn’t touch the floor; this will damage it and cause it to become discoloured over time.


Hang your artwork at the right height and space it out well to create the best modern look. Some people think that hanging art too high is a mistake, but actually doing this can help it stand out as something special. It will make all your other pieces really stand out too! I hope these tips helped, thanks again for reading my blog post today!

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