Don’t Forget To Consider A Few Key Things Of Gastric Band Surgery


Don’t blame yourself or your parents behind your obese physique. There are lots of other factors that could be the reason for your figure disappointment. Such things are food, your lifestyle, work culture, surrounding, friend circle, and so on – these all factors could somehow affect your mentality and it will impact on your physique. They say, once you cross certain size, it would become next to possible to get back the fit persona. There comes a time to take gastric banding Melbourne treatment seriously.

As an expert of weight loss surgery Melbourne, I come up with many such cases in which a patient gets frustrated after trying every possible thing – tablets, gym, yoga, cardio, diet – and end up with no result.

Many times, they quit following a prescribed diet plan as they find it useless. See, in which cases we suggest our patients to opt for a gastric band surgery. To know that, first, you need to understand the actual gastric band work. Here, we share.

In a simple & straight language, gastric banding is a surgical treatment for obesity. However, the intervention is also known as bariatric surgery and experts constrict the stomach in the procedure. The main purpose of the treatment is to make a person feel full after eating less amount of food than their routine meal.  

Include these facts about gastric band surgery

Here is some necessary information about gastric band surgery that you need to know.

  • Gastric band surgery is a weight loss or bariatric surgery procedure.
  • The procedure involves placing an inflatable band around the top of the stomach which could make a person feel full with even less food consumption.
  • After the completion of the surgery, you need to follow strict liquids which should only be a diet with the reintroduction of soft foods for around 6 weeks.
  • The procedure of gastric banding can result in weight loss and it will improve diabetes.

How does surgery work?

The process involves placing a silicone band around the upper stomach part to reduce food intake and decrease stomach size. Although, the procedure of gastric band surgery is approved for the use by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). In the procedure, the surgeon places the band around the upper part of the stomach and then, attaches a tube to the band. However, the tube could be easily accessible through a port under the abdomen skin. With using this port, the surgeon injects a saline solution into the band. This band then creates a small stomach pouch above it. The benefit of this procedure is that it will allow the body digested without malabsorption.     

Advantages you could expect:

  • There will remain no loss of nutrient absorption
  • It will improve life quality after surgery
  • It has a rapid recovery
  • It reduces the risk of blood pressure, diabetes, urinary incontinence, and other issues

Bottom line,

Approach the top-most gastric banding Melbourne surgeon to get rid of extra fat from the body. Are there any burning questions?

Ask us below.

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