Ever Wondered How An Executive Search Firm Finds Candidates?

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Filling up vacant positions in an organization is such a traumatic task. The whole process, from searching candidates to scheduling interviews and finalizing the candidate to ensuring he or she gets adjusted to the company’s culture, everything seems challenging. Thanks to recruiting software that handles various recruitment operations.

If you ever come across any recruitment firm, you may have wondered how they found you or how did they notice your interest or skills? Do you?

It must be. It’s normal.

Would you like to know how they reach you?

Okay, get ready to take a sail into the recruiter’s world.


How do they find candidates?

Usually, executive search firms utilize their professional & personal contacts to find out perfect candidates for the company. They arrange the whole interview procedure before presenting candidates to the company. Executive search companies also help their client companies to create enticing job descriptions to draw the attention of suitable candidates.

Here we share a few sources through which they build a talent pool.

  1. Business network

Executive recruiters have years of expertise in creating a strong professional network. They have good terms with other recruiters, acquaintances, industry influencers, social media activists, and university alumni to fill the vacant position. With the help of any of such sources, job seekers reach the recruiter as a job applicant.

  1. Recommendations

Many companies offer a “referral amount” to the source through which the company gets good talent. People that are in a circle with recruiters also become confidantes who refer job aspirants who might be suitable for the vacant position. Most of the time, the recruiter asks a trusted person or the source through which the candidate arrives to help in scheduling interview rounds.

  1. Via LinkedIn

If you are an active LinkedIn user, you must be aware of LinkedIn’s Talent Solution program. LinkedIn has rich features to help recruiters handle various projects simultaneously. The portal has a custom homepage designed to make it simple for recruiters to search the full profiles without making them notice the insights. They can easily manage, communicate, and align candidates’ reports in a proper manner.

  1. Boolean search

Recruiters make smart use of Google with a few tricks to find candidates with required skill-sets. How? For example, they search “intitle: resume and [keywords]” so that webpages with the word “resume” in the title and with mentioned the keywords will pop out. Also, job seekers who want to get noticed by recruiters should optimize their resumes with suitable keywords and locations.

  1. News circulation

Executive recruiters always hunt their candidates from various sources. They stay alert while reading any industry news or advertisements. They keep records of any such news and use them when it’s required.

  1. Online social media platforms

Executive recruiters remain active on various social media platforms and they maintain good professional relationships with other companies too. They track other companies’ social media profiles and movements as a part of the strategy. They keep track of professionals that share unique ideas or achieve something big in the field. They maintain all types of social media websites, forums, and blogs that serve any specific professional niches.

  1. Recruiting Apps

Social recruiting Apps are designed only for recruitment purposes. They are a professionals’ community where chatting about baseless topics or sharing improper information aren’t allowed. These resources help recruiters to connect with the prospects and track them. Such recruiting software ensure that recruiters could stay in touch with the best talent, contact them, and taking follow-ups easily.


Now, you may understand how recruiting software has proven to be a game-changer for entire recruitment firms.

If you are the one who face difficulty in finding a good candidates, installing recruiting software is recommended.

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