Guide To Get Affordable All On 4 Melbourne Dental Treatment

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Do you worry about the appearance of your teeth? Do you think you need dental implants or other treatments to correct the shape of your mouth?

If your answer to either of these questions is a Yes or perhaps if you’ve been thinking about getting a dental implant, then you should instead consider getting the All on 4 Melbourne treatment done from an experienced dentist.

A tooth replacement might serve you well if you have one or two teeth loose. But, when you have more, getting the full mouth restoration could prove to be much costlier. Even in the cases where a person does not want to undergo multiple extractions and surgeries, the all on 4 treatment could help them prevent it all.

What is All on 4 Dental Treatment?

If you seek to get several of your teeth replaced, then all on 4 is the best dental treatment you could choose to improve your dental condition. This treatment requires only four implants per jaw and it does not cause the jaw to shift or lose its structure thereby providing better stability and prolonging the reliability of teeth.

People with the condition of osteoporosis or well-controlled diabetes and even the ones with full dentures can use this treatment to find permanent relief from common teeth problems. At times bone grafting could be used to fit these implants in the jaw when the bone density is weak or when there isn’t enough bone to support it.

What is the Procedure for All on 4 Dental Treatment?

To provide the best possible treatment, there are several stages to successfully get the all on 4 dental treatment.

1.      Consultation

A consultation will initially help you and the dentist determine the condition of your teeth by the use of techniques and machines. This will help them gain a better perspective on which treatment would be ideal for you along with the difficulties that may arise and should be avoided.

The dentist will ascertain the ideal spots for the implants as well as measure the bone density and other essentials that are needed to support the implants. He/she will proceed to make the dental impressions of the patient once a patient agrees to the surgery.

2.      Surgery

Before the surgery, your teeth will be extracted, and possibly all of them to make the implant procedure easier. Post the teeth removal and the cleanup of the mouth, the surgery will include making two holes or more on the front and rear side of your jaw followed by placing the implants. This shall collectively take no more than a day to finish even after stitching the incisions together and cleaning your mouth again.

3.      After Care

Post the surgery, you might be asked by your dentist to avoid certain types of foods and to also avoid smoking and exercising. You’ll have to rely on softer foods despite the initial swelling or discomfort that might last for two days or so after the surgery.

4.      Fitting Dentures

Cleaning the teeth is simple and same as cleaning the natural ones. But, after six months or more, the implants will be ready to accommodate and support permanent dentures which should ideally last you two decades or more with proper care and oral hygiene. Do visit your dentist for check-ups within this timeline.

What is the Cost of Getting the All on 4 Treatment?

Getting the traditional implants differs greatly in cost from getting the all on 4 implants. If you get the full arc dental implant by traditional method, then it might cost upwards of $44,000.

Contrarily, getting All on 4 implants is cheaper and more beneficial which might range between $12,000 to $24,000 per jaw depending on whether the implants are four or more in the count.

Benefits of the All on 4 Procedure

The all on 4 treatment is better than simply getting dentures or even against the full arc implants and has the following benefits:

  • Recovery and treatment time is lesser.
  • They’re fixed and require no additional maintenance as one would with replaceable dentures.
  • Ideal for patients with a weaker bone density in the jaws.
  • They’re fixed to the bone so there are no chances of them slipping or getting loose.
  • More comfortable and yet cheaper than traditional implants.

Where can you Get the All on 4 Treatment?

This treatment not only provides better stability but also makes it easier to maintain teeth despite having fewer implants. The whole procedure could be performed in a day which can be quite useful for individuals with work responsibilities and other duties.

There are plenty of recognized and experienced dentists who offer the treatment of All on 4 Melbourne at affordable rates. So, you can now say goodbye to dental pain and trouble for years to come.

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