Hosting A Wedding Reception? Here Are Our Planning Expert Advice


You have been dating for a while now, and you and your partner are ready to take the next step. You have decided to get engaged. The first thing that comes to mind is “We need to plan an engagement party!” You may be wondering where should you hold this party? How many people will come? Will it cost a lot of money? These questions can make planning an engagement party stressful, but we are here to help! In this article, we will cover some of the important things you should consider before finalizing on your engagement party venues Geelong.

Venue Distance from Your Home

When it comes to choose engagement party venues Geelong, its essential to get ask yourself How far away from home you are willing to travel will depend on your own situation. If you have a large apartment and live in an area with lots of options, traveling a few miles away may not be an issue. But if you have limited space and live in a more suburban or rural area, driving farther out might feel like a much greater inconvenience.

In addition to considering how far away from home you want to travel, also consider how far away from home you can afford to travel. It can take time for guests who aren’t local to find parking at venues that are further away from their homes. And if they don’t find parking easily, they might decide against attending altogether—or worse yet: they could get into car accident on the way back!

Parking Facilities

It’s important to consider the parking capacity at your venue. If you plan on having a lot of guests, make sure that there will be enough parking space for them. This is especially important if your party will take place during peak hours or in areas where finding a spot can be difficult. You should also ask about how much it will cost to park and how long it takes to get from the parking lot to where you are holding your event.

engagement party venues Geelong

The View

The view is an important consideration when choosing a venue. The view should ideally be of a beautiful landscape, city, building or lake. If you want to go all out and impress your guests, consider renting a space near the summit of nearby mountains. As long as it’s not foggy!

The engagement party venues Geelong should be accessible by public transportation. If you choose a remote location, make sure there’s an easy way for your guests to get there. If you’re planning on renting out a space in an office building or hotel, ask about parking options so that guests can easily access the venue without getting lost in the city.

The Size of the Venue

You want a venue that will be big enough to accommodate all your guests, but not so large that it feels impersonal. You also want a venue that is small enough to feel intimate, but large enough to have room for activities.

You also want a venue that is easy to get to and can accommodate any special requirements you may have.

The Cost

The cost of the engagement party venues Geelong should be within your budget. You want to make sure that you can afford it and that it is affordable for all guests. The venue should also fit within your plans, so if you are having a family style dinner, then you need to choose a location that will be able to handle this kind of set up.

There are many choices for venue and location for your engagement party. It’s important that you find the right one for you and your fiancé(e). We hope that this article has helped with some of those questions!

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