How Double Glazing Windows Can Improve Energy Efficiency In Your Home


Are you tired of soaring energy bills and chilly drafts sneaking into your cozy abode? Look no further, because we have the solution that will revolutionize your home comfort! Introducing double glazing windows Melbourne – the ultimate game-changer in boosting energy efficiency.

Say goodbye to wasted heat and exorbitant expenses, as we delve into this must-know topic. Prepare to be enlightened on how these innovative windows can transform not only your living space but also the environment. Get ready for an eye-opening journey towards a warmer, more sustainable future right at home!

Benefits of Double Glazing Windows

Windows are one of the most common components of a home that can be improved for energy efficiency. Windows contribute to air leakage, which means that warm air in the winter and hot air in the summer can escape your home through windows. This air leakage can cause your home to lose up to 30% of its energy usage during certain times of the year.

One way to reduce this problem is to install double-glazed windows. Double-glazed windows are made of two layers of glass: an outer layer of glass that is designed to resist scratches and UV radiation, and an inner layer made from vinyl or plastic that helps keep heat and cold out. The increased insulation within the window also reduces air leakage, meaning you will save even more energy over time.

There are many other benefits to installing double glazing windows, including improved soundproofing, enhanced security against burglary, and reduced condensation on cold days inside your home. The decision whether or not to install double glazing windows is definitely one that should be considered when updating your home’s energy efficiency!

What is Double Glazing?

If you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency, one way to do that is by adding double glazing to your windows. Double glazing uses two panes of glass, separated by a thin layer of plastic or aluminum.

This barrier helps keep heat and cold out of your home, and can provide extra insulation on cold days. Plus, since double glazed windows are more resistant to damage from wind and weather, they can last longer and look better over time.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing double glazing window treatment:

1) You’ll need to make sure the panes of glass are the correct size- larger panes will result in increased heating and cooling costs, while smaller panes will let more heat and light into your home.

2) Make sure the seal between the panes of glass is tight- if it’s not strong enough, wind and rain can cause water infiltration through the gaps, which will damage the window and increase your energy bills.

3) Double glazing isn’t just for colder climates- if you live in a hot climate where temperatures often rise above 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside, adding thermal liner between the panes of glass can help reduce energy costs by trapping warm air inside. And finally…

4) Be sure to ask your installer whether he or she carries any special brands or models of double glazing that might be better suited for your specific climate or needs (such as QuietStone

Types of Double Glazing

 Double Glazing Windows Melbourne

There are a few different types of double glazing that can be used in your home to improve energy efficiency. Low E Double Glazing helps reduce the amount of heat that enters your home in the form of sunlight and warm air. Low E glass also blocks out ultraviolet light which can damage furniture, floors, and wall paper.

High Performance Double Glazing is designed to reduce sound transmission and keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. This type of double glazing is also known as thermal break or performance glass. High Performance glass has a higher resistance to heat flow so it can help keep your property cooler in the summer or warmer in winter.

How Does Double Glazing Affect Energy Efficiency?

There is a lot of debate about how double glazing affects energy efficiency in a home. Some feel that it is not an important factor, while others believe that it can have a significant impact. In general, double glazing helps to stop heat loss and promote insulation. However, there are other factors that can also affect energy efficiency, such as weatherproofing and sealing.

Sealing & Weatherproofing:

Double glazing does not seal the windows from the inside so air and water can enter from the outside. This means that wind and rain can get inside your home and damage your belongings. It is important to ensure that your windows are sealed properly to keep water and wind out.

Water infiltration can also cause condensation on theinternal parts of the window which will lead to mould growth. Sealants like Silicone or Urethane are available from most hardware stores and will help to prevent water intrusion and mould growth.


One of the main benefits of having double glazing is that it insulates your home against cold air drafts and heat loss through the walls. If your windows are not properly sealed you may end up losing up to 30% of your heating or cooling power respectively due to thermal bridge failures caused by air leakage.

Double glazing also stops radiative heat loss from insulated surfaces through skylights, conservatories, roof tops etcetera leading to overall reduced energy bills.

Installation and Maintenance of Double Glazing

Window installation and maintenance is an important part of improving the energy efficiency of your home. Ensuring that your windows are properly fitted and serviced can help reduce your energy use.

A well-fitted window opens and closes smoothly, which reduces energy loss in the form of turbulence and noise. Double glazing windows Melbourne also resist breakage from wind and weather, which prolongs their life.

To keep your windows properly adjusted, you’ll need to visit a professional every few years to clean the insulating film and adjust the sealant around the glass panes.

Regularly check for broken or loose framing parts, seals, or hinges; if any are found, have them fixed before they cause serious damage.

If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home by adding double glazing to your windows, be sure to consult with a professional installer first. A well-fitted window opens and closes smoothly, reducing turbulence and noise in the form of air leakage.

Double glazing also resists breakage from wind and weather, prolonging its life overall while saving on repairs or replacements down the line.

Regularly checking for broken or loose framing parts, seals, hinges or glass panes (and fixing them when found) is key to ensuring continued efficiency; likewise replacing screens on windows annually can further improve airtightness against


If you’re looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency, double glazing windows Melbourne might be a good investment.efficient window installation could result in significant savings on your annual utility bills.

Not only that, but adding sparkling new windows to your home can also contribute towards a sense of wellbeing and comfort – making you more likely to spend time there instead of working or commuting.

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