How To Do Audience Targeting For An E-commerce Business?

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If you want to shoot a target, you have to do two things right. One, you should aim it correct. Two, you should have the training, expertise and skill-set to handle the gun properly. In digital marketing, in order you have to target correctly, you should know who your target audiences are in the first place. Next, you should be adequately trained in handling and using those digital marketing tools to convey your messages and advertisements to reach out effectively to your target audience. In addition to that, you should know all kinds of processes that are involved to make a plan to make a digital marketing campaign effective and successful, and adopt those practices and steps to make your efforts work. For custom and robust Ecommerce websites and apps, check with app development companies Australia.

Nature of the Products

In audience targeting, your strategic content does not define your strategic intent. In fact, it is your strategic intent that determines your strategic content. Your strategic intent is defined by the nature and attributes of your products, and factors attributed to how and why your products will be bought. Every product has its own characteristics and those characteristics appeal to certain sections of customers and they are your target audience.

Before getting to a start, explore your target audience, learn all their if’s and but’s, plan how you should target them and then proceed to execute your campaign according to the learning. For more digital marketing ideas, visit

Nature of the Audience

Everyone in the world is your audience but the potential audience for your products are those customers with a felt need or at least a latent need for your products. Some customers do not exhibit their needs openly. Some do not know they have a need for your products but when they can see your ads and promotions, they realize their needs and buy your products. Some customers do not feel the real need for your products but try your products after having been impressed with your promotions and offers, and if they are pleased and happy with your products and feel your products are good for them, they could become your loyal customers.

When you begin your campaign, start targeting the audience group that best suits your product profile instead of those target groups that suit less. Look at various parameters and criteria while selecting an audience set for your targeting purpose. The audience should have the ability to buy your products in the first place. Then, their lifestyles, situations or positions should require them to buy your product. If you analyze such parameters and launch your campaign perfectly, your reach-sales conversion ratio will be higher.

Based on the Objectives

If you are selling groceries on your eCommerce website and if you do not want to deliver to long distances as it is not practically possible due to some factors and constraints, you can restrict your target market to limited geographical areas such as your city and city outskirts.

Practically, an Ecommerce website selling groceries has two issues concerning long distance delivery. One, it takes a long time to deliver goods to long distances and the customer cannot wait for this long period. Two, the cost of delivery will be very high and the customer will not prefer to pay such a high transportation cost.

So, as a digital marketer you can concentrate on your city, or a few pockets of your city or just a few neighbourhoods. You should avoid chasing the wild goose. In terms of positioning your website too, you can tag it as a neighbourhood E-Commerce store or localplace E-Commerce store.

Based on the Type of Campaign

Your campaign type defines who you should target and what your results are going to be like. For example, if you want to promote lifestyle based products for the younger generation, you should set your campaign target audience towards this audience strictly and squarely without any let ups and compromises and avoid audiences of higher age groups that do not fit your case. You should also choose those media platforms and websites where these younger target audiences are available and repeatedly promote your brand, links and offers so that the ads and content posts meet your target audience effectively and get about the results.

Based on the Media Ability

Each media platform has the ability to reach out to certain specific types of audiences. So, you may select multiple media platforms to reach out to different audience sets based on the media abilities. You may use LinkedIn to reach out to professionals, business owners, top executives and career oriented audiences. For generic audiences and all age groups, you can depend upon Facebook, Twitter and YouTube . Instagram will be handy to reach out to younger audiences.


The audience targeting for an eCommerce business determines its promotional and commercial success. You have to put all the right ingredients into your strategy first, then prepare the time table for your campaign, get the requisite team and skill-sets to work out the strategy, prepare all the content requirements like blogs, articles, images, videos, keywords, lists of submission websites, social media, apps and other platforms, activate each of the sub-systems and plans to get in tandem with your overall plan and strategy without compromising brand identities and ethos, and at last and not least, measure and monitor the progress for finetuning and maneuvering all the activities and setting them in the right direction. With all things well set, maintain them, improve them and do them consistently. Your E-commerce business grows and thrives abundantly. A key point to note here is prospecting the right way. So, know your prospects right, target them right, and reach your destination in the right way and at the right time.

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