How To Navigate Social Media Marketing During Social Distancing?


After coronavirus has started taking off the lives of people, the government of different countries have defined a set of rules that citizens have to follow for the wellbeing. The threat of viruses is still continuing, even after 8 to 9 months of its detection. Businesses are highly affected, the world economy is falling down faster, and human lives are in bigger risk. In this between, Social Media Agency in Mumbai comes up in rescue for businesses that are online.

It’s been a long time and no one knows about when this pandemic ends or when the vaccine will be out. Social media marketing is a way to keep on promoting the business on the digital platform. We all know that during the time of home quarantine or lockdown, most of us spend 3 to 4 hours on smartphones.

However, there is significant growth in the way people are purchasing stuff online. This has helped eCommerce businesses to grow and expand.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about a few ways to remain active without socializing to the targeted audience.

Social Media Agency in Mumbai

  • Rethink your strategies

As a business owner, you might have planned about a few types of campaigns. It could be for anything like engaging with the audience, selling your products or services, or promoting your business. During the time, it is important to understand that pausing your advertisement and including the current condition is something that can have a good impact. Focus on the ways of helping customers in between the health crisis. It can also be encouraging to advertise the impact of Covid19 with your brand.

Many food courts have started advertising ‘zero contact’ delivery or poster about ‘safe food delivery’ which will impact on the way people order food.

  • Research users’ intent

Social media marketing is literally a new normal for online businesses that try hard to get enough profit. During the time, people spend most of their time inside the house. They avoid going out and finding alternate ways to fulfil the need possibly from home. Even, many office-goers are working from home. You can provide engaging and informative guidelines that focus on things like ‘tips to work from home’, ‘how to keep work from home time productive’ and something like this.

  • Never sound promotional

We know that every effort is for increasing business and traffic. But, it is important to make your audience believe in you and your products before you say anything or make any statements. Never try to directly promote your products or services because people are already stressed during the time. If you convey a message that is only for selling the product, people will not go to move further.

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Pro tip – Add some creativity into contents or images that represent your business or services.

End up!

Choose experienced Social Media Agency in Mumbai that works on your online marketing needs completely. Thanks for reading this guideline.

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