How Will I Get My Child Custody After Divorce?

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“Divorce” – A sensitive matter for parents, child, relatives, and an attorney. A single decision can affect many lives and a wrong decision may ruin the child’s future. To handle the case with delicacy, you as a parent should meet up divorce lawyers Melbourne & work in a direction to protect the future of your child. After all, what’s his/her fault?!!!

In the battle of mother & father, the innocent child trapped up in the legal procedures. And one of the big questions arise, who will get the child custody? Every country & state has their laws for handling the case and to get the custody of your child, approaching separation lawyers Melbourne could be a better way.


Make Sure to Not Affect the Child In Between Spouse Conflicts Because It can Be Problematic To His/Her Life – Physically, Psychologically, Financially, And Spiritually…

Basically, when parents decide to separate, the custody of child depends on certain matters like with whom the child is currently living. Both; mother & father can continue to nurture the child by becoming natural guardians. Ideally, the custodial parent can handle the responsibilities like educational, medical, and emotional requirements of the child.

And on another side, the non-custodial parent can have all the rights to access. Since the last few decades, there are many changes in custody laws which now favour the child, not the parents. Now, the custody and access become the rights of a child, not the right of a parent. The most important criteria are, who can have an ability to handle the child’s educational, medical, social, and the most important emotional requirements.


Is it depend on the income of an individual? – the best divorce lawyers Melbourne’s Answer

It’s a partial truth. None of the law defines that the earning capacity of the parent can make them strong in winning the child’s custody. It depends on the capacity of an individual to deliver a safe & secure environment to the child. If you are a housewife (a non-earning mother), just due to this reason, no one could disqualify you to take the rights. The custodial matter also depends on the child’s own wish, if he or she is tender aged and can take the decision.


Know more about child custody

The term refers to the legal relationship between a parent (who decide to separate) and their child. The service of child custody includes caring & nurturing decisions of the child. Court has changed a few terminologies that have been used in the divorce procedures like, ‘custody’ or ‘access’ are now called ‘residence’ and ‘contact’. One more example, instead of announcing “a parent has a child’s custody”, now the court prefer saying to the child “to reside with the parent “.

That’s it

Before you trust anyone, once approach divorce lawyers Melbourne to handle the case with proper care. Whether you win or lose, make sure it won’t affect your child’s future. God bless you!

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