Incontinence Products For Men – Different Varieties

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Most men hate the idea of making use of incontinence products such as adult diapers, urine collection bags and catheters. However, if you have an issue with incontinence, the products can help rather than harm you. They could prevent embarrassing accidents and simplify life and boost confidence.

If you are planning to Buy men pads, Australia, you could look into various options. Confidence club Australia offers a variety of men’s pads in different sizes and shapes with different absorbency levels that might suit your needs and requirements.

Urinary incontinence pads and other absorbent products

Women are used to making use of pads once they start with the process of menstruation. However, men find this idea weird and stressful. Incontinence products could be very helpful if you are facing issues related to incontinence, may it be mild, moderate or severe. The product could prevent leaking onto the clothes, prevent skin irritation and control odour. Knowing that you are protected could make you feel much better.

There are different types of products available and you might not know where to start. The best choice would depend on the symptoms you have and based on your doctor’s advice. If you have minor leaks or dribbles, you can make use of an absorbent padded sheath which might help you out.  An incontinence pad gets inserted into the underwear and is held in place with an adhesive strip. If you have severe incontinence, a larger guard or absorbent underwear could be used. Some briefs are washable and others are disposable. If you are confused about which type would work the best for you, try out different brands and opt for the best one you think works for you.

Urinary Incontinence External Catheters

Never misunderstand that external catheters are the ones that are used at the hospital. Instead, they are made of silicone or latex that could be fixed over the genitals instead of fixing into the urethra. The urine passes through a tube into a drainage bag. Some men make use of these devices at night to prevent leaks. However, it should be used only after consulting with a medical practitioner.

Urinary Incontinence Drainage Bags

They are just the plastic bags that would get attached to a catheter. Confidence Club , Australia Large ones are known as bedside bags and are hung near the bed. Smaller ones could be worn on the body that is attached to the abdomen or leg with straps.

Urinary Incontinence underpads

These incontinence products are waterproof pads or covers that could be placed on a mattress or furniture which could protect against leaks.

Urinals and other toilet substitutes

When reaching the bathroom is not possible, plastic urinals would be a big help for male incontinence. They are plastic containers that a man could urinate into. They might be very helpful if you have urgent incontinence that would make it tough to reach the bathroom quickly. You could keep one of them by the bed and another one in the car just in case you get stuck somewhere without a bathroom.

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