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Enrolling with golf membership has multiple benefits that can make the life healthy and enjoyable. Over 70% of most golf club geelong are rough and unplayable areas with natural grass, trees and shrubs. Combined with fairways and open green areas, golf courses are a fascinating habitat for wildlife. Golf membership is completely worth it as it can help the people of all age group in multiple aspects!

Golf course roughs and trees create a good habitat for wildlife 

This program improves the habitat of wildlife in and around the golf course. A surprising number of species, from Ospreys to deer, have golf queenscliff in their homes. 

Grass protects topsoil from water and wind erosion 

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Wind and water can erode topsoil into rivers, lakes and seas. Once gone, it cannot be exchanged in lifetime. The turf controls erosion by catching fast-moving water from storms and slowing it down. The lawn has dense roots and a shoot system. Its normal growth pattern produces organic matter. Together, dense shoots and root growth slowdown surface water runoff. 

Golf Courses Improve Community Aesthetics 

The lawn doesn’t just keep things cool on hot days. It also reduces noise pollution. Lawns also reduce glare from brighter sunlight than pavements and buildings. In addition, the community gains beauty and function when areas damaged by mining and landfills are reclaimed with professionally designed, constructed and maintained golf courses. 

Grass absorbs rainwater 

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The Turf absorbs and filters effluent during and after storms. Lawns absorb water because their growing habitat creates many small spaces that trap and retain moisture. When water penetrates the grass and the soil below, it is filtered and cleaned. This process is so effective that many golf courses have become community water recycling facilities that use treated wastewater for irrigation. 

Golf and lawn reduce stress and improve physical health 

Many types of turf have been specially developed for golf courses and other recreational applications. In addition to the benefits of exercise, research shows that enjoying a comfortable view outside can be healthy. In one study, hospital patients recovered faster when they saw lawns, trees, and open spaces. In another study, employees of a company with well-designed landscaping and well-maintained lawns showed a more positive attitude towards work. 

The lawn helps to survive the heat and improves the air we breathe 

The grass itself can lower the temperature. Artificial turf can be twice as hot as green, and growing grass and asphalt will be even hotter. In urban areas, these grass and tree green spaces can actually reduce the energy demand for air conditioning. Turf also improves the air we breathe. The lawn growth process removes carbon dioxide from the air and releases the oxygen it needs. Some studies have shown that certain types of lawns can even absorb carbon monoxide. 

Lawn catches and cleans up dirty drains in urban areas 

In urban areas, the water that collects in parking lots, streets, and brownfields can be filled with pollutants. The lawn provides a good growth environment for many microorganisms. These microorganisms on the lawn help clean the water by digesting the pollutants in the trapped water and accelerating their normal decomposition.

Hope you found the above information useful for joining the golf course Geelong and enjoy other benefits of the golf membership.

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