Is It A Good Idea To Buy Factory Seconds Appliances?


When buying new appliances, most people ask: “Can I afford it?” And for many shoppers, that’s a valid concern. But there’s another question that should also be on your radar – even if you can afford the best factory seconds whitegoods Perth-wide in the store, what about those “factory seconds” items? Are they worth buying? The short answer is yes! Here’s why:

What are Factory Seconds?

Factory Seconds are products that have minor defects. They are sold at a reduced price, but you may not always get the best value. They are also often covered by a warranty, so if there is an issue with your Factory Second appliance, it should be covered. However, they’re not always the best quality and may require extra care in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

The name “Factory Second” can sometimes be misleading because it sounds like these are seconds due to poor build quality. But this isn’t necessarily true—it could just mean that one button was slightly misaligned on your dishwasher!

factory seconds whitegoods Perth

Does the warranty cover them?

Yes, factory seconds white goods Perth-wide are covered by warranty. Most manufacturers offer a one-year limited warranty on their appliances, meaning any defects in the manufacturing process. It will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you as long as you have your original receipt and can show proof of purchase. Some companies also offer extended warranties for up to three years. However, these usually come at an extra cost or require the original buyer’s participation in the program (e.g., submitting claims regularly).

There’s a lot more to consider when buying factory seconds than just whether they’re covered by warranty; below are some other things you should think about before making your final decision:

Why do they cost less?

So why are they cheaper?

  • Quality control issues: The appliance might have been built with parts that don’t meet the manufacturer’s specifications. It could be a problem with the design or something as simple as a stain on an otherwise undamaged piece of furniture.
  • Damage in transit: This can happen for several reasons, including damage caused by shipping companies or bad weather conditions during transit. If your new appliance looks like it’s been run over by a truck, don’t worry—it just means you’ll get it for less than normal!

What should you look for when buying factory seconds appliances?

You should also take a look at the appliance itself, as well as its packaging. Are there any defects in the product? Does it look like it was dropped or damaged in transit? Is there damage to the warranty card? Is the serial number damaged or missing, and if so, does this mean that someone else has owned this item before you? Finally, check for all information related to your purchase: model number, serial number and warranty details.


It’s important to remember that factory seconds are still brand new appliances, and they are covered by a warranty. You also can find some great deals on them if you shop around. So don’t be afraid to buy factory seconds white goods Perth-wide. Give it a try!

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