Let’s See The Ultimate History Of Ray Ban Sunglasses

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If we talk about the sunglasses, the first name straight off is Ray Ban SunglassesMention fashion sunglasses and make the list for the same. This picture complete has graven itself a novel place whether it is Sunglasses or it is simple Glares.


But, every people doesn’t know about the brief history of Ray Ban. Ray-Ban has different varieties such as

Each male and female, for many years, use Ray Ban.  Over the years Ray-Ban has attained a name, Fame and very good style, wonderful performance and an unmistakable sophistication.

Let See the Timeline of The Ray Ban Sunglasses, 

First Of All, Start With the Establishment,


Firstly, Bausch & Lomb established the Ray-Ban complete of sunglasses. within the years Ray-Ban has developed into an intensely thriving fashion complete, comfort as well as classic look. With the different styles like WayFarer & Aeronaut, you can consider this as a milestone.

The Ray-Ban Journey – Bausch & Lomb Timeline

1853 -1866: 

As per the business dealing in optical area, the merchandise in Reynolds Arcade give the proper resources within the kind of a loan and partnership as well.

After that, Bausch and Lomb establish an optical retail search. This can be set in an exceeding workshop around commercialism and producing sunglasses and optical instruments such as binoculars, microscopes,  and telescopes.

1883 – 1937:

The Ray Ban company diversifies there items like photographic lenses and many other things. With the development of shutters into its product among a brief house of your time.

Then after the son of the founder invented the lenses directly from the liquefied glass. With the fragile method of the sharpening and grinding you can consider the lenses. It actually reduced the price.

Bausch & Lomb becomes the primary company to provide glass in the USA. After that with the larger demand from the military for the optical instruments.  After Several years B&L had been asked to develop special lenses designed to limit glasses knowledgeable by pilots.

The Following Year The Corporate Introduces ‘Aviator-Style Ray Ban Sunglasses’

1938 -1982:

After that, B&L gains fame for premium sunglasses, and it got fame by celebrities and public figures around the globe.

In 1971, The development of sentimental contact lenses has become good innovation and after that, the soft contact lenses were introduced in the market. Almost all native operations are settled at that time.

In 1981 Ray Ban Aka B&L  decided to prevent producing prescription lenses and frames. Almost 5000  workers were arranged in 1982.

2000 -2010:

This time was pick a time of the  Ray-Ban, they began by re-designing the Ray-Ban to require an account of the new fashion trends.  With the scale of the frames was reduced and acetate was rejected in favor of lighter plastic.

Ray-Ban has launched so many Ray Ban Sunglasses, and afterward, they followed by decade long flurry of activity. The Ray-Ban Optical optimized prescription Sunglasses. Its aim was to mix very good style and incomparable attention to detail in its acquisition.

A Spectrum Of Sunglasses Was Designed For The Fashion Freak Youngsters And It Was Enlarged In 2005 To Incorporate Frames.

Later 2005, long-lasting Wayfarer model was launched, with an unforgettable portfolio of pictures to bring the Wayfarer squarely into the fashionable era.  A consummate promotional material campaign in 2007 was held. As per the belief,  Ray-Ban users merely required to be faithful to their own identity to create themselves the center of attention.

Wayfarer fans might produce their own distinctive color styles victimization, and after that the growth and production of the Ray-Ban were tremendous.  These innovations enclosed printing distinctive styles.

After 2010…..

Throughout this decade, from the endorsement to the profile-raising everything has done, and this thing has continued with the worldwide promotional events.

Future Hold Of Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban started life as an innovative technological part to unravel a good style and comfort as well.  It looks that the longer term for Ray-Ban might exist an analogous ground-breaking innovation. Now, there will a good future of the sunglasses, because the technology and fashion collaborate, and that will be the best time of Sunglasses era.

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Source: Timeline – Ray Ban Sunglasses Earned Reputation Over the Time

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