Pest Inspection Recommended When You Are Thinking To Buy A House

Author : jordansmith


The prologue of the Blog:

I am living in Adelaide, and from many years I was living in the rental home with my family, now get promotion and want to shift in the other house. Though it is not a Brand-new home, for me, it is very important.  But I was confused about to take it because I heard many people who told me to get the pre purchase inspections especially pest inspections Adelaide service, but still, I had a question why?

Now, I have my answers and I wanted to elaborate this view to every people who are confused like me. Here is my Vision…


I saw,

there are many proactive providers here want to have the all boxes, rooms and areas checked for the potential buyers and provide the updated report on the construction of home if it is new, just like do the pest inspections Adelaide service for new one. And If you are thinking to buy old then the pre purchase house inspection Adelaide company provide the Inspection before the buyer buy the home of them.

Maybe you also do the same as like me, while I was finding the home I constantly think about, “What an attractive house, it looks so maintained!!!” , but sometimes it is not the right impression what you saw.  Once you should check everything about the home, whether it is related to the construction of it is related to pest…

Considering the Construction related they must check these areas,

  • Roof cover
  • Roof structure
  • Cabinets
  • Plaster quality
  • Tiles
  • Floor and Ceilings
  • Balconies, terrace
  • Brick and cladding
  • Outdoor
  • Exterior
  • Walls & Doors

I literally saw this and walked away from there. After that consulted the pre purchase inspections company from Adelaide.

The wonderful thing about having this service is you can negotiate the value of the home by putting a very strong point, by explaining them a degree of risk for the particular defect after liquidation.

“Pest inspections and Pre-purchase inspections are like an INSURANCE POLICY that simply prevents the serious thing from pest or other hazardous thing occurring.”

A pre purchase house inspection is vital to process if you plan to spend significant money on materialistic products to create an excellent condition. It is not only about the indication of the condition.

But, what is included in pre purchase inspections?

  • Pre purchase Inspections, before the purchase of the house also include the evaluation of all interior elements, – walls, -floors, -doors and many other, as we above discussed.
  • Pre purchase Building inspections consider the structural elements of a house. The Company Inspectors access the space of the ceiling as well as the subfloor.
  • The roofs are inspected, including the descending pipes, the drains, and the general state of drainage.
  • Pest inspections eek the activity of bugs, pests and other insects, they can check everything.
  • Provide a detailed report, can give you the total idea.


As I did, You should take an idea from the “Pre Purchase House Inspection Adelaidecompany, to cut the cost or satisfy yourself by checking it is safe to live. It is not like “You Should Do”, but it is like “ You Must Do” process.  Always contract with the Eyes- Open before finalising anything.


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