Private Tour India: The Ultimate Experiential Way To Explore


Created by a visitor who has been on the lookout for well-curated group experiences but has not been able to find what they’re looking for, private tours are here to help. Focusing on itineraries of only limited travellers per journey, private tour India offers an exclusive route through cities and countries around the world; each one unique and exclusive – with local hidden secrets uncovered along the way!

Experiential Journey of India

A new type of eco-tourism is taking place in India, which is called sensorial tourism. This means that instead of the tour operator only guiding you through your trip and dishing out scripted stories and facts, he will also provide a sensory experience that includes sight, taste, touch, and sound. You’ll feel like you’re really getting to experience India. You’ll be bird watching on the Taj Mahal, hiking up the Himalayan Mountains, shopping without paying full price, seeing sights without crowds, as well as tasting local Indian cuisine at each destination!

Healthcare and Transportation

While India is home to some of the most advanced and ancient cultural institutions in the world, one aspect that still needs improvement is healthcare; long cuts toilets are a common sight here, and there is not much modern medical equipment either. 

Travelling the Perfect Year

Travelling can be an overwhelming experience at times. Depending on the location, you could make your trip more challenging, or you could relax knowing that many of the places you come across are familiar to you. Private tours like Private Tour India provide a unique way for travellers to not only explore a destination but also learn about its history at the same time.

private tour india

Culture and Education

For those who have never been to India before, in this blog, you will be introduced to the cultural and educational highlights of one of the world’s greatest and most diverse countries. Here you will find an analysis that covers art, literature, history, religion and philosophy. You can also find insights on Yoga, Buddhism, Vegetarianism & veganism with guides for where to go within metropolitan and rural cities.

Tourism, Shopping and Gastronomy

One day a friend of mine approached me and asked me to come on a private tour to India. It sounded like an amazing opportunity, so I accepted it and jumped at the chance. When we arrived in front of our hotel, the closest transportation they had was a rickshaw. They allowed us to explore the small city on foot before choosing one that shared their luxury vehicle. In total, this tour was six hours long, with just two other people on it (two friends of my friend).

Explanation of Terms

India is one of the most exotic locations to visit, and what an experience. As an avid traveller, I have tried all kinds of guides before I finally found this one that just feels perfect for me. Lovingly handwritten and edited, with a limited number of copies in existence, the private tour India manual lays out all the information you need on where, when and how to explore India by yourself.

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