Real Estate Marketing Strategy: Setting Yourself Up For Success

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The goal of any real estate marketing strategy is to create more leads that turn into generated sales. Whether you’re an established real estate agency, or new to the industry, the market is forever growing and changing. Therefore, having a strong marketing strategy is going to keep you focused on the end goal.

In this article, we’ll discuss 4 of the best real estate marketing strategies that can help you set yourself up for success, capturing fresh leads that are new to the market looking to buy or sell now – before your competitors reach them. In a saturated and over-competitive market, you need to make sure your branding and message are in the forefront of your customer’s minds at all times.

  1. Defining your audience

When setting up any company you need a firm business plan, a part of that will be identifying and profiling your customer. The reason for this is so you can streamline your marketing into relatable content that connects and engages your dream audience. If you’re in an area that is family homes, your branding message is going to be family orientated. For example, you wouldn’t advertise a modern bachelor pad with scary-looking stairs with no handrails, to a family with 2 small toddlers.

Defining your audience is a great way to hone in on a niche market. This gives you a competitive advantage as your reputation builds and customers identify that niche with you. However, going too niche may lead to a loss in general real estate sales. Although demographics show different interests throughout generations, there are some basics most people want to feel regardless – safe, great location, and a representation of who they are.

When you define your audience, it makes it easier for you to connect and attract them to your front door (or landing homepage).

2. Real Estate Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has grown considerably in the past ten years alone. According to research done by Statista, 46% of adults spend a whopping 5-6 hours on their phones a day. As a real estate agent or agency, this mustn’t come as a surprise. Although it’s bad for users and those who are screen conscious, this is great news when it comes to real estate marketing – that is 5-6 hours you could be outreaching to potential clients.

The benefit of digital marketing is your ROI (return on investment). Instead of wasting valuable money on expensive TV commercials and billboard campaigns – their success being hard to track, and difficult to pinpoint generated sales without more investment in feedback – you can specifically target advertisements at people who are 100% interested in buying and selling. This is done through social media ads, google analytics, data reporting and email marketing campaigns.

As 44% of people look for properties for sale online before even contacting a real estate agent or agency, having a strong digital presence is vital as securing leads (National Association of Realtors).

For those who aren’t tech-savvy and don’t have training experience in digital marketing, we would recommend a real estate digital marketing agency. At times it can feel overwhelming, from creating keyword SEOs to keeping on track of social media leads, the marketing can feel like it’s taking you away from what you’re actually good at – which is property sales. No matter if you’re a specialist in a specific neighborhood, focus on sales of townhouses, investment properties, luxury villas, or apartments, sales is what you should do, not marketing.

A great real estate marketing agency based in Australia is Geonet. They have a trusted team of trained professionals that can help you grow your business to a significant level. They have helped hundreds of clients market their business and reach millions of potential customers. Geonet will make you feel secure and happy in your contract and will ease the headache of digital marketing. Not only do they do the hard work, but they also create unique systems like ‘Geo-Targeting’ that use complex GPS strategies that identify a competitor’s real estate event like an auction or inspection, and then target that audience with your ads, directly to their phone. For more information on ‘Geo-Targeting’ click here.

3. Social media presence

Having a strong social media presence is vital in 2021. With over 1 billion users on Instagram alone, the social media platform has skyrocketed to one of the most important platforms real estate users can use, as opposed to being a secondary marketing source, and this isn’t even mentioning Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube yet.

Instagram allows real estate agencies to showcase their listings in real-time and tell an audience who their business is and what they stand for. Through creative content that is original, authentic, and engaging, you can hold a whole database of potential future customers. Remember the goal is to stay in past, current, and future customers’ minds – social media provides this!

Social Media tip: Create organic content, people don’t use Instagram to view a faceless company – people want to see people and real-life stories. If you can connect with a feeling, whether that’s happiness, laughter, or love, you will be remembered.

4. Follow-up strategy!

Once those new leads start rolling in from a great digital marketing strategy and social media presence, then your business starts to generate great sales and business automatically – correct?

Wrong. This is where most real estate agents fail. Without a good follow-up strategy that is fast and efficient, a lot of leads are lost. In this industry, it’s all about acting fast! You need CRM systems that help you collect all inquiries so that your response rate is within 24 hours, some would say even 24 hours is too late when competitors are already jumping on social media ads, and targeting your audience.

Follow-up strategies such as good CRM systems, a great response team, and regular information updates, not only make sure you’re generating fresh leads but also enable you to collect data. This data such as google analytics is so important when identifying who your dream customers are, and their online needs. This then allows you to profile them as mentioned before, and attract similar future customers.

When following up make sure you ask for feedback, testimonials, and reviews. This allows you to build relationships, make improvements and attract new customers. A referral scheme to comes in very handy for word-of-mouth marketing.

It’s important that you create a real estate marketing strategy to keep yourself ahead of the game. Make sure you implement it with precision but also allow flexibility and creativity when the market fluctuates and changes. Stay up to date with technology and digital marketing, and keep an eye on competitors for inspiration on how to do it even better…

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