Retirement Villages: A Guide To Finding Your Perfect Retirement Haven


Retirement villages are often seen as a last resort, but they don’t have to be! They can be the perfect place for you to enjoy your golden years. If you’re at least 55 years old, you may qualify for one of these senior communities. Let’s go over some important things to consider when applying and picking out the right place for your Retirement villages Frankston Area needs.

Different types of retirement villages

There are a number of different types of retirement villages. Some offer a range of services and amenities, while others are more focused on providing accommodation options.

Retirement villages can be divided into three main categories:

  • Residential Retirement Villages (RRVs) provide independent living facilities for seniors, but also have communal areas where residents can participate in activities together, such as dining and entertainment rooms. These communities usually also have some sort of support system in place to help residents with day-to-day needs like housekeeping or transportation services if needed.
  • Independent Living Communities (ILCs) provide similar living arrangements as RRVs but don’t offer any additional care services for its residents–they just live there! This means that if you need additional personal assistance beyond what’s provided by ILCs then it will come out your pocket because they don’t offer any additional services beyond those listed above (which is why they’re called “independent”).

How can I find a good retirement village?

To find the right retirement village for you, it’s important that you visit in person. The first thing to do is go on a tour of the village and speak with staff members about what life is like there. You should also be able to see some of the communal areas including dining rooms, lounges, gardens and swimming pools.

If possible it’s also worth chatting with residents who are already living at your potential new home as they will be able to give feedback about their experiences living there. You may want to ask about any events or activities going on during your visit so that when moving day comes along, there won’t be any surprises waiting for you!

How to find your perfect retirement village.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a village. Here are some tips:

  • Look for a good reputation. It’s important that the retirement village has been around for a while and has built up its reputation over time, so that you can be sure it will be there when you need them most.
  • Check the facilities on offer in the village and make sure they match your needs as closely as possible. You should be able to find something from swimming pools to libraries and cinemas within walking distance of where you live in order for them not just about your health but also about social interaction with others who live there too!
  • Think about location–where would suit me best? Some people prefer living near shops or supermarkets so they don’t have far travel each day; others prefer quieter suburbs where children aren’t around making noise all day long (and night!). Whatever kind of lifestyle suits yours best – look at different areas before deciding which one might work best overall.


If you’re looking for a new home, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. There are so many options available, from traditional Retirement villages Frankston Area to assisted living facilities or senior housing communities. The good news is that we’ve put together this guide with everything you need to know about finding your perfect retirement village!

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