Sell My Car For Cash: 5 Myths About Selling To Junkyards


If you’ve ever questioned yourself, “How can I get cash for Cars Melbourne?” then you’ve probably considered selling it to a junkyard. 

In this article, we’ll discuss why selling your vehicle is a good idea and how it works, but first, let’s bust some myths!

Junkyards Charge for Towing

Car for Cash

Junkyards will not charge you for towing. They may, however, charge a fee to remove the parts from your car and sell them if it’s in good enough shape. 

In most cases, a junkyard won’t pay for the cost of transporting your vehicle from where it is now to its location (i.e., having someone tow it).

I Can’t get Cash for Cars Melbourne If It Doesn’t Run.

You can sell a vehicle without a title. While it is true that many buyers prefer to buy vehicles with clean titles, you may be amazed to learn that there are plenty of junkyards and auto wreckers who are willing to purchase vehicles even if they do not have clear titles.

Some states allow residents to register vehicles using other forms of proof, including affidavits from witnesses or police officers stating that they believe the car belongs to someone else besides themselves…or perhaps even their pet dog named “Buddy.” 

You should check with your local DMV office before attempting anything too drastic like this, though, because laws vary state by state.

I Can’t Get Anything for My Car Because It’s a Total Wreck

You may think that the value of your car is determined by its condition. You can get more money for it if it’s in good shape. But this isn’t always true. 

Junkyards will buy cars in any situation, so even if yours is a total wreck, there’s still a chance they’ll pay good money for it.

If you want cash right away, the best thing to do is contact a junkyard and see what they are willing to offer for yours—you might be surprised!

I Can Get More Money From a Private Buyer Than a Junkyard

Many people believe they will get more money from a private buyer than from a junkyard. But this is not true, as junkyards offer great car prices and cash payments. 

Private buyers may be unable to pay you in cash, and can take up to six months to sell the car themselves. You’ll likely have to pay them for their time, too!

Junkyards Won’t Take My Car if it Has Aftermarket Parts

Perhaps the most common misperception is that junkyards won’t take your car simply because it has aftermarket parts. The truth is that these yards will take any vehicle as long as it’s in running condition and can be sold for a profit.

Many older cars have aftermarket parts installed by previous owners who wanted to upgrade their vehicles. 

Not all junk cars are unwanted; some people just want something inexpensive but reliable enough to get them from point A (the house) to B (the office).



We’re glad you want to get cash for cars Melbourne and be an intelligent citizen. Junkyards are a great way to do this, and they can be an excellent option if you need money fast or don’t have the time or resources necessary to sell on your own.

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