SEO RISKS: Are You Prepared For A Good Thing? Genius!

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RISKS! Everything doesn’t go as planned and that is okay! Some people may take it as a challenge, whereas many others react in a hopeless way. After all, the choice is yours! But, what I believe is, the risk is an integral part of our lives whether we are running a small business, a wide-spread business, or just a start-up company. Nobody can be sure whether risks will pay them off or they should stop taking risks. Underline the sentence (mark my words!) – If you want to be successful, you have to take certain decisions or risks.

Ah! You must be thinking, what I am coming up with today. Today, we’ll dive deep into a handful of SEO risks that you should take or avoid. It can surely be helpful to all the SEO Company Ahmedabad to fuel up their business and landing to a safe state. Continue your read!

When I start the session about SEO (search engine optimisation), everyone has some strategies or ideas to boost up the business. Sometimes, it works; while sometimes it fails because Google updates the algorithm frequently. Thusly, to stabilize the brand, business, and rankings, companies have to pour extra efforts for remarkable online presence. Pick your battle between which SEO risks to take and which should be avoided?!…


Which Type Of SEO Risks You Should Take?

Effective SEO strategies will require many months of efforts to obtain positive results for any company. So, don’t you dare take it for granted whether you have hired any SEO Company in Ahmedabad or you’re running your own SEO firm.

  • Make quality backlinks to your priority

Do you know? – Why a company feature a link to other company’s website and take risk of visitors’ to leave the page? To know this, you should have knowledge of backlink importance. Backlinks are the most important part of SEO and most of the companies want to leverage as many as they can. Because backlinks help in obtaining rankings and to build trust with visitors.

Yes, through this way, you may lose a few visitors but at the same time, you are establishing authority by showing Google that you are using reliable websites.

Note down: web pages having low-quality, spam, or poor websites are at risk of getting penalized by Google. This may be possible that you will get penalized by getting so many links to your website from other low-quality websites.

  • Work hard on your website URL structure

A rule of thumb is, website URL should be short or it would be great if it has only the company name because it can be easily acceptable & remembered by people. However subsequent pages have targeted keywords which are more specific about the webpage content. If you don’t have an idea about URL or SEO tactics, you should hire an SEO company and ask them about SEO service Ahmedabad, it is better to get familiar with a few basics.

You may have a question, what if URL is long – in that case, the search engine (our favourite Google!) will truncate the website display with a […] after any cut-off point. And then, it will be time to alter some of the URLs with the site structure.    

  • Try to improve the user experience

To be frank, the user experience is the most important factor to obtain Google ranking. The study showed us that any individual with a strong user experience can beat large & well-established companies which can be quite troublesome to big-named companies. How to come out from this fuzz? – away is, optimize for the user experience and look at metrics such as bounce rate, site load duration, and time on page.  

You will not get the exact templates to improve the user experience. Thus, I share a few examples to help you out increasing website user experience.

  • There is no need of content at category pages so remove it
  • Try to implement necessary video content on product pages and category pages
  • Put reviews on product pages
  • Put explanatory content on the category pages

Simply, you should make small changes then, measure and analyse the results, then and then you should make changes on a large scale. Don’t rush things!

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Which Type Of SEO Risks You Should Avoid?

While following the crowd, you have to be careful about few risks that are worth considering and you should avoid without going into deep. So let’s take a few savvy decisions to stay away from fuss.

  • Considering content or the whole page

There is no big deal in removing few pages from the website, especially if the page is about any product or service. Once, you delete the page, the keywords that SEO nerds have been working on, will be gone. And the exact thing can happen with the URL of the page which holds page-related keywords. Thus, instead of losing the rank, you should consider keeping the webpage even if you have discontinued the product.

The solution is simple, just leave a message on the page for the website visitor that redirects them to the same page with a relevant service or product. Indeed, a smart move!

Remember, if you are considering or merging two pages then ensure including 301 redirects on the old URLs to hold on the website traffic and to never disappoint your clients.

  • Making useless SEO changes on the site

It is the best thing to update the content on the website. Actually, Google gives attention to fresh, and updated contents. Then, why shouldn’t change small-small things frequently? It is because, constant changes of the content and the look & feel of the website will never go unnoticed by your website visitors.

However, making too many changes to the website or making the random changes can be a sign of pitiful online presence. Over the time, your website visitor will notice the changes and they may find the site hard to navigate and find value. You may lose the credibility. So, beware of this!

  • Use of the same keywords in the Anchor text

Logically, it would be good to have targeted keyword as the anchor text to link your website. After all, everyone wants to rank the website and work effectively for a particular keyword or phrase. A few years back, this practice was popular among SEO experts. But, this got ditched by “black hat” SEO experts who use an excessive amount of exact match keyword anchor text for link building.  

After Google changed the algorithm, it can crack down the practice easily and will punish websites who overdo the same thing. So, don’t take a risk. Instead, you should look for a few natural ways to link the site and develop more backlink portfolio.

What’s on your mind?

Undoubtedly, SEO is important for any business to grow but as I said, there are few risks that you should be kept a safe distance. Also, it becomes a necessity to take a few risks for reaching on the desired destination. As a part of SEO Company Ahmedabad, I can suggest, before jumping into the next campaign, you should be aware of every possible pros and cons of the next step that you are thinking to take. Go high! Let’s boost the business up!

Source: SEO Journal on How To Win Clients And Influence Markets with SEO RISKS

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