Shop Now These Supplements To Defeat Your Urinary Incontinence!

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What image does reign your mind when you hear the word supplement? For most, it is a big circular box and a muscular guy standing beside it. But supplements have little to do with bodybuilding. Supplement, actually, means anything that one takes besides the normal diet to support bodily functions. It could be multivitamins, minerals, herbs, etc. When it comes to incontinence, not many stay aware that supplements could be of any help. But you might want to shop now, Confidenceclub says, these supplements. This will help you stop click here and there for years for solutions.

Dietary supplements you need to shop now for incontinence!

Although you might think that the more the better, these supplements work best when taken in moderation. In excess, even water does harm the body. For example, take Vitamin C – studies have found that the risk of incontinence in women taking Vitamin C in excess got doubled.


Magnesium serves a lot of functions in the body including proper nerve functioning and muscle spasms. A lack of magnesium in the body leads to neural inefficiency and this leads to incontinence. It has been found to be helpful in reducing unnecessary muscle spasms and thus helping the bladder to get completely empty. One good source is Pumpkin seeds.

Vitamin D

We all have been hearing for years of how Vitamin D aids in proper bone structuring, but there are other functions too. Vitamin D helps in the proper regulation of Calcium and Phosphorus in the body. A proper intake of Vitamin D has been found to be related to reduced pelvic floor disorders.

Corn silk

This knowledge about corn silk is the offering of vintage science. Our ancestors had been using corn silk ever since to treat bladder infections. Bladder infections lead to nerve damages and an overactive bladder, which thus leads to incontinence. You may get this stuff from anywhere around. Or click here and there on Google to look for websites offering corn silk extracts.


This is a herbal medicine that gets prepared with the blend of some 10 different extracts. This works on treating overactive bladder syndrome. Studies have been done around it. These studies have found that a significant improvement was seen in patients when taken for 6-8 weeks straight. They were found to be going to the bathroom less often and their urge was significantly decreased.

Ganoderma lucidum

This is a type of mushroom (no, not that mushroom!) that the Chinese people have been using for some 2000 years as a medicine. Recently a Japanese study was done that showed its positive impact on those suffering from incontinence due to enlarged prostate. Know that this medicine will work if your incontinence is due to an enlarged prostate. This mushroom reduces the size of the prostate and thus helps. If this does click, here is this mushroom to serve you some aid. Shop now, Confidenceclub suggests.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is a shrub-like tree whose ripened berries are used as medicine. Many people use saw palmetto supplements due to its many benefits. It worked like Ganoderma lucidum by reducing the size of an enlarged prostate. The effects have also been seen in the studies done around it. The good thing about herbal medicines is that they rarely spill any side-effects.


No! You need not to cut the tail of some horse and then boil it and then drink it. This peculiar name is of a plant that has the appearance of some horsetail. This plant has been found to be useful in treating several types of urinary tract infections, and also helps in urinary retention. This also works on to treating the general ailments of kidneys and bladder, which thus improves urinary function.

These are the list of supplements that you might want to consider in your journey towards the end of incontinence. Apart from it, you might want to see a doctor too. The cause could be an underlying injury that would require appropriate treatment. Perform pelvic floor exercises and yoga and meditation to bring down your bodily functions to a normal. This is necessary. Use quality incontinence pads. Shop now Confidenceclub for some very fine quality products. Click here for some of those finest incontinence pants.

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