Should I Invest In Pergola Or Gazebo? A Step-by-step Guide!

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Thinking about home renovation? Have you heard about home extension ideas? If you haven’t yet then you should go through different websites and think about installing patio, gazebo, or pergolas Adelaide to make your home look beautiful. Through the pergola installation, you can make a decent statement of your home. People who are expert know the difference between pergola and gazebo which could be a bit confusing.

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Though pergola and gazebo both look similar and many people get confused between both of them but experts know the difference well. If you are a homeowner who wants to have the same home extension guide then we could be perfect for you people. Go through this guide!

It’s lovely to make a soft & cosy corner in your home where you can spend some “me time” and quality time with your people. A place where you can spend hours and hours at the gazebo and investing on the pergola. But for betterment, you should know the difference between gazebo and pergola; so that you can select a better option and extend your home.


To finalize your choices, you need to be sure about the actual definition of pergola. In a simple word, it is pillar-like structure that support the cross-beams for a comfortable, shady, and protected walkway. Nowadays, it is growing in popularity and more number of people think of spending their penny on pergola installation. If you are living in the warm area then pergola installation would be better that suits the home atmosphere.

You can use the pergola to cover walkways and shelter to the seating area and for spending some quality time together. You can go through the idea with pergola roofs for creating an elegant outdoor.


There is thin line between gazebo and pergola and you as a smart installer should know the difference before you install it in your home. Gazebos have a large and octagonal structure and they are open from all the sides. Installation gazebo would be better to make your location an aesthetic place to spend time; it also protect insects. They are generally made up of wood but relatively less expensive than pergolas.

One of the main difference between pergola and gazebo is, you can build pergola as a strong and private structure. Whereas, gazebo has something unique structure which is positioned as a focal point in the garden that extract the characteristics of adorable home extension.

Which one would you choose?

Choosing one that suits your style, and requirement become quite daunting task. The difference between both is, the visual structure. Generally, Gazebo has round or octagonal shape that you can invest on. Whereas, pergola has a square or rectangular structure. Moreover, gazebo is having roof-like structure and pergola has cross beam but, not the roof. You can separate gazebo by other structure but, you couldn’t separate pergola with other structure. These all are the difference you can count on before finalizing the investment.


Final thoughts!

So, my work of sharing a guide on pergola and gazebo is completed. Now, the ball is in your court. Would you like to install pergolas Adelaide or gazebo? Well, it can be the best idea for home extension and to make your home look cool and comfortable.

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