The Best Way To Sell Old Cars In Brisbane

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Hi, welcome to the Businesslistingsaus , in this post you will figure out the best way to sell old cars in Brisbane.

We’ve all been there: Not knowing what to do with our old, unwanted car… Some may even consider leaving it in the garage to avoid the hassles of selling it. But there are many ways to go when you want to get rid of an old car in Brisbane. This will eliminate the number of cars that are piling up day after day on the street corners of Brisbane and making the face of the neighborhood ugly. In this article, we will tell you the best ways to sell your unwanted vehicle in Brisbane.

Talk to an External Dealer

External dealers are always ready to buy your car, whether you buy a new car from them or not! This is actually a popular option in Australia. But if you choose this way, you should be aware that some dealers offer a rate that is below the average value of your vehicle. Research different external dealers when you want to choose one. This is highly important since you don’t want to end up with less cash and regret the deal later. Check how well-established the dealer is, whether or not the dealer uses a qualified mechanic to inspect the car, do they have services to tow your car, and how the purchase is made. This research before taking any serious steps saves lots of money and effort.

Ads in Magazines and Newspapers

Ads in Magazines and Newspapers

Another more traditional way is selling your unwanted car privately in Brisbane. In this method, you should write an ad and print it in the car magazines or ad sections in a local newspaper. This takes a long time since you have to wait for a buyer to see your advertisement and call you if interested. You should have a well-written ad that is interesting enough and suits the space limitations of the chosen newspaper or magazine and have patience. Keep in mind that there won’t be any guarantee of a sale in this approach and may take a lot of time.

Use “For Sale” Signs

You have probably seen a “for sale” sign on a car once or twice in your neighborhood before. This old method actually works well! You can also attach this sign to your car and someone may call you when walking past your vehicle. It’s best if you place your car in a high-traffic area so that more people notice the sign.

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Online Advertisement

Online ads are another way you can sell your car. The number of people buying cars online is increasing each and every day. There are many websites that can list your car, or place your ad in the corner of their page to get visitors’ attention. Catchy and attractive ads that contain the image of your vehicle can work well if placed on the right websites. Though, it’s difficult to stand out due to the sheer volume of advertisements that are on websites these days. So, be patient and hope for the best!


Auctions work best for classic and rare cars. So keep an eye on the right opportunity to place your car at live or online auctions or public or private ones. Don’t forget that when placing your car at auction, you have less control of the sales process, and sometimes you might end up with less cash in your pocket than with other approaches.

Selling to Car Removal Companies

Last but not least, is selling your car to companies that offer car removal services. According to our research, this approach is the best one to choose when you want to sell your old car in Brisbane. There are tons of good car removal companies in Brisbane that offer cash for your car. This way, you get the highest possible price in exchange for your unwanted car. Don’t forget to search before jumping into the first car removal company you see to sell your vehicle. There are scammers among these companies as well.

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We have found one of the most trusted car removal companies in Brisbane called Junk Car Removals which has amazing offers for the ones who are tired of their old cars. This company offers top cash for your vehicle in Brisbane as well as free car towing services. They have years of experience in this field and are available 24/7 to give you cash right on the spot. They show up in less than an hour at your doorstep while the paperwork is already done for you free of charge! This approach is the fastest and safest way to sell your old car in Brisbane!

Have you ever tried any of the ways mentioned above? Which one do you choose for your own car? Think about it and let us know!


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