The Correct Way For Storage Of Flammable Materials!

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Flammable materials pose great risk towards the precious lives of those working around them. It does not take the material to gain fire and cause deaths in hundreds. This is why companies are required to store flammable and combustible liquids in an appropriate manner. The Work Health and Safety act 2011 lays guidelines for the companies to follow. It includes using the best flammable storage cabinet and other important considerations. Says Spill Station, flammable liquid storage cabinet (Australia) not only saves spillage but prevents the unforeseen tragedy. What else is there to take care of? We will lay it all before you.

Flammable materials – What are they?

The Australian code considers liquid with a flash point below 60 degree Celsius as flammable. Flash point is the point where liquid starts to vape and ignites in the air. This requires to follow the proper guidelines for proper storage and transportation. Because transporting temperature can reach higher values in tropical and hot climates, proper storage comes crucial. The best flammable storage cabinet will follow all the requirements laid in Australian Standard AS1940-2017 for storage and handling of flammable & combustible liquids.

Now it comes to how to store the flammable liquids the right way. The first thing to take care of is the storage space. The space should have certain qualities to it. These qualities could be like:

  • The space is well ventilated.
  • The space does not hold any combustible material in the flooring or walls.
  • Any ignition source should be far from the room.
  • Room should have cool temperature to not let liquid reach the flash point.
  • Place Fire extinguishers at proper areas.
  • Proper warning signs should be placed at the entry and inside.
  • The space should be far from elevators and stairs to make room for an easy escape.

Now it comes to the storage of flammable liquids.

Tips for the storage of flammable liquids!

The very first tip is to use the best flammable storage cabinet possible. Because a single fire can imbibe upon lives and goods, prevention is the best way possible. Storage cabinets come in different capacities. Know the amount of liquid you do deal in and choose the appropriate cabinet. Know that flammable storage cabinets are different from toxic cabinets.

One must also know the class of flammable liquids for which the cabinets are made. Check for the corrosion class and flammable class before buying. If you store your liquid in drums then check if the cabinet is suitable for drums or not.

Transporting drums brings some hardship and risk. This is why it becomes necessary to use proper equipment. Use a ramp and a package handler to transport. This will make sure that the spillage does not happen in the way. Says the experts from Spill Station, flammable liquid storage cabinet Australia are a requirement according to the Australian law. Not paying attention to it will always bring legal liabilities.

Qualities of the best flammable storage cabinet.

Look for these certain qualities when buying a storage cabinet.

  • The cabinet must have a secure 3-point latching system.
  • The cabinets must have proper warning signs on the surface.
  • It must have ventilation ports.
  • Must be properly checked.

Make sure you properly train the workers who deal with them around. A proper training and drill comes useful and life-saving in the tough times.

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