The Difference Between AWD And 4WD And Which One To Choose To Choose For Melbourne?

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AWD and 4WD are quite similar words but ask a 4WD diesel mechanic in Melbourne and they will have a lot to tell you about the differentiation between the two. We have lived decades when the vehicles had the front wheel drives, but not anymore. With SUV’s the market is open to 4WD. Cars have become more luxurious, sophisticated and with time it is very important as a car driver that you start finding the needful difference between AWD and 4WD. In this article, you will find important information to open yourself to the 4WD perspective.

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In an AWD car, the power is supplied entirely to both front and rear wheels. Many car companies have designed the car so that the car running on the front-wheel-drive and then the power reaches the rest of the wheels when there is a requirement for traction. This is called automatic AWD. Many car users find traction control amazing and opt for AWD cars.

The car runs well in the snowy and muddy areas since the power is supplied in the front and rear axles. It allows the driver to experience the power of the car and some people even choose to get a car that has part-time AWD.


  • More power in the car wheels
  • Improved traction control
  • Availability in Sedan and station wagons


  • Not all cars are pure off-road cars
  • Not all cars are fuel-efficient


The operation of 4WD is very similar to that of AWD. There are two drivetrains in the rear and front, and it allows you to control the traction and power through a series of car settings. You can choose to have a low-setting car but high setting cars are more ideal as they are more durable on difficult roads with mud and snow. They are also available as a part-time 4WD.

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The power is constantly supplied to all the car wheels, to get more traction from the road, you just need to press a little button and all the power will be delivered to all the tires. They have been very popular in the trucks but the availability of this feature in SUVs has changed the market scenario. You can also ask a Turbo Repairs Melbourne to add a turbocharger which will increase the combustion in the engine to give you more power.

The major difference between the two is equal power is supplied in all the wheels of the car. This eliminates the need for vectoring and thus power is delivered directly to the wheels through the engine.


  • High ground clearance cars
  • Smoother drive in difficult terrains and weather
  • More Spacious


  • They are more expensive
  • They have a reduced fuel economy.

How To Choose?

There isn’t much difference between the two cars, but your usability and need make all the difference. Also, the availability of AWD and 4WD Repairs In Melbourne is an important aspect of analysis, as you don’t want a car gone bad to be sitting in your garage, you are buying it for convenience. Your decision to choose between 4Wd and AWD will depend on the terrains.

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