The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Luxury Accommodation


Even if you cant afford to stay in one of the truly luxurious hotels, with this comprehensive guide to choosing the best luxury accommodation in queenstown nz, you will be able to make an informed decision about where to stay in any hotel. By reading this guide, you will learn all about the different types of luxury accommodation, as well as how to choose between them based on your own personal preferences and requirements. Additionally, we have compiled a list of the top 20 best luxury hotels worldwide.

Is it a holiday home or just a hotel room?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: will it be a holiday home or just a hotel room? If its going to be more than one room, you want to make sure that there are some common areas (e.g. a pool, gym, library etc.) so that there is still an opportunity for interaction with other guests and staff when you want it.

Cheaper does not mean better

While its easy to find a cheap hotel room, if youre looking for something truly luxurious, you need to dig deeper. You dont have to spend thousands of dollars on a hotel room when there are plenty of amazing options out there that wont cost you an arm and a leg.

Facilities, facilities, facilities…

Go for luxury accommodation in queenstown nz that has a pool, spa, games room and gym – all of which will allow you to keep fit without having to leave your resort. This may seem like a lot of effort but it will be worthwhile if you’re planning on spending more than a week at your destination. Some resorts also have bars, restaurants and shops on site for convenience.

Think about location, location, location!

It doesnt matter if youre traveling for business or pleasure, location is still a key factor when choosing luxury accommodation. Choose somewhere in close proximity to shopping centres, restaurants and entertainment venues. You ll get more out of your trip if you dont have to spend most of it in transit. In addition, make sure that wherever you stay is also in walking distance to public transport and airports – no one wants an expensive taxi bill at the end of their holiday!

What is the view like from my room?

The view is important, but its not everything. For some people, nothing beats being able to look out over a lush green landscape and seeing wildlife roam free, while others prefer having views of famous landmarks or historical sites. It all depends on your budget, too if youre paying top dollar for a hotel room then you may be looking for something a little more spectacular than if youre paying for accommodation thats on offer as part of an all-inclusive deal.

luxury accommodation in queenstown nz

Do I need a meal plan when staying at an all-inclusive resort?

When booking your all-inclusive resort stay, you should know whether or not you ll need a meal plan. Some resorts offer a free-style all-inclusive package where guests pay for food and drinks at their leisure throughout their stay. If your all-inclusive resort offers free room service, in most cases, you dont have to purchase a meal plan.

Is there any entertainment available during my stay at this resort (e.g. shows)?

Most luxury hotels have some sort of evening entertainment during your stay. This could be anything from a game or quiz night, live music, comedy shows or even karaoke. If youre looking for more than just a beautiful place to sleep and eat breakfast, look for places that offer an alternative to lounging around all day long. What kind of amenities do they offer?

Is wi-fi / Internet access included in my package price when staying at this resort/hotel/holiday apartment?

All of these amenities are wonderful, but no access to wi-fi can be extremely problematic. If youre traveling for business, how will you communicate with your team? If youre traveling for pleasure, staying in touch with loved ones is an important part of a vacation. Without high-speed Internet access, it might feel like you never left home. Ask about these perks before booking a hotel room or apartment these little extras can make all the difference in your holiday experience.


Make sure that you look into all of your options before making a decision about where you will be staying. While some people choose luxury accommodation in queenstown nz for its location or amenities, there are others who think its all about choosing a hotel with rooms and facilities so posh that it feels like home!