Things To Keep In Mind While Designing Custom Name Badges


A name badge is an important part of anyone’s professional and business attire. It’s the first impression that you make on a client or customer, so it should be memorable and professional—not to mention easy to read! 

A Custom Name Badges is also a great way to promote your company, event or organization at trade shows, conferences and conventions. So how do you create the perfect custom name badge? The answer lies in asking yourself some key questions before diving into design mode:


  • Durable: The badge should be resistant to wear and tear. This means that the badge should be able to stand up to being used in a busy office environment, where there are many people passing by and bumping into it.
  • Easy To Read: The text on your name badge needs to be clear enough so that people can read it at a glance when they are passing by with their heads down or looking at other things they need to do while walking in the hallways of your office building.
  • Easy To Wear: A great custom name tag will stay secure on whatever piece of clothing you decide to attach it to, whether that’s clothing from a uniform company or just a pair jeans and t-shirt combination for casual Fridays at work!

Types of Name Badges

Name badge customization is a crucial part of the event planning process. You want your attendees to feel appreciated and valued, so you’re going to need to be able to give them something that will help them do just that. Name badges are an excellent way to do this!

Custom Name Badges

There are many different types of name tags, but here are some of the most popular:

  • Plastic Name Badges – These are one of the most common types of name tags available today. They can be customized by adding a photo or logo, making them great for any kind of event.
  • Metal Name Badges – These make an especially good impression because they have such a professional look and feel about them; however, they can also be quite expensive if you don’t find one online instead (which is why we recommend doing so).
  • Embossed Name Badges – These provide more durability than plastic ones while still being customizable in various ways—and they’re usually cheaper too!
  • Printed Name Badges – These come pre-printed with text such as “your name here” or “title here,” which means all you need is something like this on hand before leaving home:


Name badges are a great way to promote yourself and your business. Custom Name Badges can be used by anyone in any industry, but they have the added benefit of making you stand out from the crowd. 

They work well for events like conferences where attendees need to know who they are talking too, or when you’re looking for new clients at trade shows or conventions.

 By taking into consideration some key factors such as color choices and types of material used during production process – not only will you come up with something that looks great but also something that lasts long time without showing wear or tear!

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