Tips On How To Buy Incontinence Products For Men!

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Gone are the days when people used to look at incontinence with pity. Knowledge is around and the mass has grown mature. Stigmatizing a condition does nothing but obstruct the treatment. So today we talk about the many incontinence products that could support you in your healing journey. One thing you want to make sure of is that you always buy quality products. If you ask our opinion, Confidence Club is the leading supplier of incontinence products in Australia and provides quality products. Now you would not have to click here and there for goodness to reach you. Apart from it, there are many products that bring ease into life.

Incontinence Products for Men!

The market is all full of products to help you down. Now, it depends on how severe is your condition and what do you need for help! There are products that treat severe conditions and then there are products that help with mild conditions!

Drainage Bags and External Catheters!

These usually get used for patients in the hospitals who lose total control of their urinary system. This happens either after surgery or due to some medical condition. But now they have got modified to help those suffering from incontinence too. These catheters are not like those tubes that go inside the urethra. They are modified. These catheters are like tubes that have a condom-like end that fits onto the urethra and another end that goes inside the drainage bag.

The drainage bags come in different sizes. Large-sized bags are there for bedside and smaller ones get attached to the body near the abdomen or thigh area.

Pads, Diapers, and Underwear!

If your condition is not very severe then you might use pads and diapers. If your condition is mild then you might want to go for the pads. These pads are shaped differently for men and can hold up to 700 ml. If you leak a larger amount then you might want to go for incontinence pads and slip-ups. There are also booster pads that Confidence Club provides that can help you deal with emergency situations or mild situations. Click here to see some of the booster pads.

Penile Clamps!

There are Sphincter Muscles around the urethra that closes the urethra like a rubber band! When these muscles fall weak to hold the urinary pressure, small leaks start to happen. Some people use booster pads or simple pads to deal with these small leaks. But there are other options available too.

Penile Clamps, as cleared above, works like a compression device that fits externally over the urethra like a clip. You click here and it fits. Some men find it a bit uncomfortable at first, but as time goes by they get used to it. Always consult your doctor before using these types of devices.

Urinals and Potty Pots!

The patient might suffer from functional incontinence too. It is a condition when the brain condition makes it harder for the person to urinate properly. For example, a person suffering from Autism might find it harder to reach the bathroom and open the pants in time. Or the person might have uneven steps. Urinals work great in these cases.

There are movable plastic urinals and pots too. You can put them nearby if there is such a need.

Always know that you must consult a doctor for incontinence. There might be underlying causes like an injury to the pelvic organs, infection in the urinary tract, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, etc. A professional will guide you easily through this and you’ll heal quickly.

While using diapers, stay wary of diaper dependency. People fail to treat their condition while wearing diapers because they stop trying to take control of urination and fall into a habit of peeing easily into the diaper. Wear diapers but try to reach the bathroom and urinate every time. It will help you gain the control back and learn urination, just as a child does at first. And buy quality pads. Confidence Club is the leading supplier of incontinence products in Australia. Click here to sift through all the quality products they provide.

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