Top 4 Tips To Build The Best Verandah For Your Home


A verandah is a great addition to any home, especially if you live in a sunny climate. It can be the focal point of your living space and provide plenty of seating for entertaining guests. If you’ve been considering adding verandahs Adelaide to your home, here are four things to consider:

Consider the climate

Consider the climate of your area

The climate of a region should be considered as well. You may find that there are hot summers and cold winters, or vice versa. You can also check out what types of plants grow well in your regions, such as trees and shrubs. This will help you determine if you want to plant any plants on your verandahs Adelaide or use artificial ones instead.

Consider the climate of your home

If you live in an area where it’s hot all year round (like Sydney), then having a traditional verandah isn’t necessary at all; instead, choose curtains that can close tightly during winter months when air-conditioning is used more often than not!

verandahs Adelaide

Plenty of Space

If you’re planning on building a verandah, there are a few things to consider

  • Space: It’s important that your verandah has plenty of space for you and your family to move around comfortably, as well as room for furniture. You want to be able to sit at the table with friends or family members and enjoy each other’s company without having furniture stuck between them.
  • Privacy: If you want some peace and quiet while reading or watching TV but also don’t mind seeing what’s going on outside, then this is ideal for you! In fact, some people even prefer their verandahs because they can see all around them without feeling claustrophobic in their own homes (or rooms).

High-quality materials

Now that you’ve narrowed down your options and decided on the style of veranda you’d like to build, it’s time to start shopping for materials. 

When buying any home improvement project, there are a few things that should be considered: durability and ease of maintenance are two key considerations when deciding on which products to use. You don’t want to go out with an unfinished job because your materials aren’t durable or easy enough to work with!


Orientation refers to the direction of your verandah. If you have a north-facing verandah, it will be on the east side of your house, and this should be facing towards the sun. In case it faces southwards then this can be checked by looking at an imaginary line that runs from northeast to southwest through its centre point (see image below).

If you have any questions regarding orientation or would like us to check if there are any structural issues with your existing verandah, please contact us today!

We hope you’ve found these tips useful and that they can help you build the perfect verandahs Adelaide for your home. 

As we mentioned earlier, it is important to remember that the style of verandah you choose should complement your house and provide a place for relaxation in good weather! We also suggest asking your local building authority or an architect for advice when planning out your design.

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