Top 5 Facebook Retargeting Strategies To Drive More Ad Conversions


Advertising products or services to the right audience never gets fail. It can be in any form, such as infographics, demographics, videos, podcasts, or blogs. Organizations these days choose to advertise their business on social media platforms. Facebook becomes a centre topic for Facebook ad agency Melbourne discussions.

Advertising always works better when introduced to a targeted audience. Contact AdWords Management Melbourne firm to make your business reach to target markets through search engine platforms and partner sites.

Our today’s discussion topic is about Facebook retargeting strategy. Shall we start now?

Okay, have some short introduction of retargeting first!

Retargeting: It indicates to show your Facebook ads to a specific audience, especially to those who engaged with your products and websites, browsed through your catalogues, or have made a recent purchase from your website.

Through this way, you will have a better ROI as your ads will be shown to the audiences that are interested in purchase.

All About Facebook Retargeting

Facebook has a tool named Facebook pixel that tracks visitors’ activity on your website after they click on your ads. Facebook pixel holds data of visitors such as their formal information, store their identity if they have purchased anything from you, and focused on specific pages of your website.

This information is enough to build a solid strategy. When you have an idea about who is doing what on your website, it will become easy to figure out their needs.

Before starting Facebook ads, don’t forget to set up the Facebook pixel. Include these top 5 Facebook retargeting strategies!

  • Retarget People Finding Your Products

Facebook has a feature to get a list of people who searched for specific products on your website. This means you can show ads of ‘party dresses’ to people who searched for party wear attires on your product catalogue. This can be done using dynamic product Ads. Contact Facebook Ad Agency Melbourne to get a deep insight.

  • Retarget Visitors Who Recently Visited Your Website Page

This one is the simplest retargeting option. It shows your ads to people who visited any of your website pages that have the Facebook Pixel retargeting code. If you haven’t set it yet, you can get the pixel code from Facebook Ads Manager and place it inside the header code of the page’s backend.

  • Retarget People Who Were a Step Away To Sign Up

Facebook Pixel is powerful enough to detect any activity on your website. It can detect people who started filling out any form on your website. You can reach to the person who has started filling the form but hasn’t completed the process. Filter your data and exclude people who have completed the signup process on your website. The remaining people are your target now!

  • Retarget People Who Keened To Know More About You

Customers always do enough inquiry before they purchase anything from your website. They always would like to know more about you and you can retarget these sorts of customers and push them for the purchase.

Facebook Marketing Agency

  • Retarget Existing Customers’ Activities

Retargeting existing customers is always a nice option than finding out newer ones. That doesn’t mean, you should never lookout for new customers. It simply means you should filter people who have bought anything from your website. Also, you should filter the people who haven’t visited your website in the last 2 months. Through this, you can get your lost customers.

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