Top 5 Myths About The Garage Floor Coatings

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The garage is the place where you are doing the work related to oil, grease and many slippery products, and to make the floor that suit with your garage situation is not easy in the typical budget. With numerous commercial epoxy products and manufacturers, people are choosing epoxy floor coatingIt is overwhelming and frustrating if you don’t know about anything that you can add in terms of garage flooring.

Epoxy Floor Coating

To easiest way to address the problem is to use epoxy products and make them all together, you can buy or hire any garage flooring constructer with the products. Our goal is to guide in the right way, to help you in eliminating the confusion about flooring, whether it is epoxy or another coating!!!

There are many oil or latex based paints, they make the style with highest standards, or they simply leave the floor exposed with the reduced maintenance. Because the tires of the cars caused the rise of paint and peel the floors not even possible to clean. The shiny paint helps to clean the floor more easily, but it would be more slippery and dangerous.

Some common misconceptions about garage flooring (in terms of the coating)

People are confusing to make their floor more slippery or not. Here are the common myths that every garage holder may have.

Myth # 1: All the flooring of the garage are same (Just buy from big stores)

A professional garage floor covering is much more than an epoxy flooring, not the simple paint, the precision is necessary.

All the coating you buy from the big store, have to be good.  Not necessarily, you need to buy from a big mall or store, just you have to buy with specification with your needs.

Myth # 2: Professional coatings are very very expensive!

If you call some big store or high range provider, you will get a very expensive price. But if you want the coat in a range of the budget then also it is possible. Epoxy ranges from cheap to high range quality and service.

Myth # 3: Just clean the floor, and it is ready for the epoxy floor coating

If you think that a quick mop or sweep and will prepare your floor for the epoxy coating, unfortunately, you’re wrong. You must have to work hard to prepare your floor. A professional never prefer this, they need a proper surface otherwise they will make.

Myth # 4:  You should renovate the coating of your garage floor after some period of time

If epoxy is not installed by the professional then only you need to change or renovate the flooring after some time. But, it is done by the professionals then you have to rest for coming 15 years, just have to do the regular and occasional care.

Myth # 5: Epoxy coating is just an elegant word of the paint

Epoxy is a final product that is the blend of the resins and special hardeners. It is not a simple paint, it has the thickness, urethanes and many other things such as it can resist the UV rays as well.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Final thoughts,

If you have questions about any type of flooring regarding the garage then there are many epoxy floor coating provider, they can help you. You may ask them multiple questions, and eliminate the confusion related to these myths.

Source: What Are the Common Misconceptions About Garage Floor Coatings?

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