Types Of Promotional Sports Bottles

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Promotional drink bottles in Australia have been the most preferred choice by most companies to give out as freebies or complimentary gifts. Even though products like custom mugs and promotional lanyards  Australia are popular promotional sports bottles top the list of preferred products people utilize well.

If you are new to the idea of using promotional products to boost your brand value, buying Promotional drink bottles , Australiain bulk and adding custom messages or logo or personalising it in any other way would be an excellent marketing strategy. They offer a lot of benefits. They are affordable and lightweight which is easier to transport and less expensive to ship. They are a practical option and are widely accepted and used by receivers.

You could find a wide choice of custom sports bottles and buy them in bulk to customise and distribute among the receivers. It might be confusing with so many choices on which bottle to select if you have not purchased promotional bottles before. However, look at some of the features you could find on imprinted water bottles. Once you understand the choices, you might find making a choice on which bottle to buy easier.

Lids: They come in various styles.

  •         Screw on: This means that the lid screws on like the lid of a jar.
  •         Sip-through: This means there is an opening for the lid to drink from. The cap need not be removed to drink from the bottle.
  •         Pop up lid: The lid remains hinged so that the top portion opens which reveals the sip-through hole.
  •         Pop on/pop-off lid: The lid completely pops on and off without twisting it to open.
  •         Straw sipper: instead of a hole for drinking, the content could be sucked from a straw.
  •         Slide action lid: The user slides a tab to open the hole to drink.
  •         Push/pull lid: The user pops the sipper to drink and pops down to close it.
  •         Hook/clip lid: The lid features a hook that could be clipped or attached to a backpack or belt. Some styles come with a built-in belt.

Many water bottles have a lid that is a combination of the above-mentioned ones. A particular model might have a screw-on lid for filling the bottle with liquid and an action tab for drinking.

Collapsible bottles: They are made of rigid and flexible material. They expand when liquid is filled. They become flat and compact when empty and take up little space to store.

Material: The water bottles are made of stainless steel, aluminium and other types of food-grade plastics. They can be transparent or opaque and also come in various colours.

Body styles: They are available in different body styles from straight to sleek, waved, rigged, waved and curved shapes. Every style is functional equally.

It is very important to know that some of the water bottles are not designed to be dishwasher safe as some bottles cannot withstand high temperatures. Some might have issues like fading of colours. It is very important to read the specifications of the product before you opt for customisation and bulk purchase.

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