Want To Retain The Freshness Of Spices For Long? Here Are Pro Storage Tips


No matter what food you make, herbs and spices are something that would be required. This is the reason why one needs to store them for a longer time. There are a variety of ways that you can utilise to store the herbs and spices for a longer time. Similar is the case with nuts; whether hazelnuts, cashew, almond, or so, special attention needs to be paid when storing these items as they are expensive and prone to becoming stale if not stored in favourable conditions.

Here are certain tips that will help you to store your exquisite spices Australia and herbs such that they would retain the freshness and last longer.

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  • Purchase The Amount That You Need

Avoid buying large quantities of spices from a big box store; they’ll become stale before you can use them all. However, if you store spices and herbs properly, they can last a long time. Whole spices have a four-year shelf life. Ground spices, such as mustard, may last for two to three years and can be used to make hundreds of different salad dressings at home. Depending on the herb, it can last anywhere from one to three years.

  • Keep Spices In Airtight Containers

Spices lose their flavour more rapidly if they are exposed to air, so whether you use glass jars or metal tins, remember to keep them well closed. To keep spices fresh, store them in commercial-grade plastic bags that allow excess air to escape. Plastic bags are also useful for storing spices at home.

  • Opt Opaque Containers

Yes, we realise that displaying those lovely multi-coloured spices in glass jars is every home cook’s dream—after all, spices are frequently offered in clear containers, to begin with. However, if you’re concerned about keeping their flavour and freshness for as long as possible, it can be worth it to store them in opaque containers with properly labelled labels. Light, like olive oil, can change the flavour of spices over time and cause them to age more quickly.

  • Keep Off Moisture And Humidity

Moisture, which causes clumping, is another factor that makes ground spices tasteless. Most people feel that spices and cold storage don’t mix well. The real issue is caused by humidity from the outside environment condensing within freezers – especially when hard containers are used. 

When you open spice containers frequently, more air is condensed, and moisture begins to form. Moisture damage can range from simple deterioration in quality to the growth of bacteria and mould.

  • Test Regularly

The last thing that you can do is determine whether the spices around are fresh. No additional equipment is required to determine—your senses are enough. If the colour of the spices has faded, the flavour has most likely faded as well. Replace a strong spice if it doesn’t tickle your nose and tantalise your tongue.

You can further use creativity along with this precautious measure to store spices Australia around to ensure a good life span and style. 

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