What Are The Rights And Responsibility In Aged Care Homes In Melbourne?

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All residents in Aged Care Melbourne have the same rights and responsibilities, and it is protected in legislation by the Australian Government.

People love their parents or you can say relatives and they need guarantee or assurance, for that. Even if you don’t want to know, the care is needed for the elder ones.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an aged care services Melbourne assistant?

Attention for anyone can be an extremely good field to work. With opportunities every day to help improve people’s living standards. Care assistants work in the front line of care, helping people overcome the daily difficulties they face. For the care, assistants can include people with disabilities, the elderly, the long-term ill and people with learning difficulties.

What are the main functions of the care assistant?

To help clients with their particular needs, such as dressing, washing, and maintaining their hygiene, as well as helping them with basic daily or administrative tasks, just like to pay bills.

The duties of a care attendant can also be extended to help clients participate in leisure activities.  The duties of the care assistant, vary substantially from one client to another so that there are not two equal days.

Aged Care Melbourne

Duties every aged care Melbourne eastern suburbs assistant have to do:

These all the services elder people get in the aged care homes Melbourne services,

  • Get quality care appropriate to his or her needs
  • full and effective use of civil, personal, legal and consumer rights
  • They will be treated with respect and dignity, and to live without abuse or neglect


  • personal privacy to everyone
  • Total information about their own state of health and about available treatments
  • live in a secure, safe, and homely environment, and to move freely both within and outside the residential care service without undue restriction
  • Continue their religious and cultural practices, and to keep the language of his or her choice, without discrimination
  • Can control over, and to continue making decisions for personal aspects of his or her daily life, financial affairs and possessions
  • get access to services and activities available generally in the community
  • Get freedom of speech
  • They can complain and to take action to resolve disputes
  • They can maintain his or her personal independence
  • They can select and maintain social and personal relationships with anyone else without fear
  • They can be consulted on and have input into the different decisions about the living arrangements
  • They can be involved in the activities, associations and friendships of his or her choice.

Personal qualities of aged care assistant:

  • Respect the rights of others.
  • Responsible attitude, solidarity and solidarity.
  • Skills of good people with the ability to relate well to the sick.
  • Sensitive and understanding.

Helping older people improve the quality of their lives is the defining activity for an elderly care worker. Having a clear approach to providing care and an interest in working with the elderly community are essential attributes in the elderly care industry.


Aged care services Melbourne homes offers support and services that allow people to stay in their home with the care provided where necessary.

Source: Rights and Responsibility: Aged care homes in Melbourne

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