What Is The Common Risk Of The Missing Teeth?

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Missing teeth costs much more than appearance, and it may cause other problems and it is the big cosmetic problem. If you have any missing tooth then the best option to have is dental implants in AhmedabadYou are bound to increase your risks of oral health problems in the long term.

You think that you will face the problems but for the aesthetic nature of the teeth, you have to go to the best dental clinic in Ahmedabad As per the contrary to popular belief, tooth loss can cause long-term problems for your oral and medical health.

The missing teeth are often caused by tooth decay, although it can be corrected with restoration options like dental implants, also bridges and dental prostheses. If you do not have any insurance for the dental issues and may suffer from the cost of dental implants then you can go for the other restorations. Especially if it’s a hidden molar out of sight of your smile line.

The reality is that not replacing lost teeth can be detrimental to the health and functionality of your smile. If you do not replace a tooth, you could run the risk of developing additional and more expensive problems that could interfere with your daily life.

Dental Implants

Health risk of the missing tooth:

  1. If several teeth are missing then it can affect the chew and talk as well. If this is not treated immediately, it can cause more health complications. Because, if the food is not chewed properly, it will not enter your system as it normally does.
  2. The remaining teeth that surround the missing tooth or the teeth begin to move gradually towards the spaces that still open and these changes often need to be rectified by orthodontic treatments.
  3. If you faced any unnatural tooth changes, as mentioned above, can also cause additional bite problems.
  4. The extra spaces created due to lack of teeth increase the risk of gum disease, also food particles accumulate easily in these areas, and the site soon becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that can lead to the development of plaque and tartar.
  5. The loss of teeth is inevitably followed by the loss of jaw bone.

How dental implants in Ahmedabad are useful?

Dental implants are the popular solution for lost teeth. And with the Composed of a dental crown attached to any jaw- dental implants look and function like your natural teeth.

best dental clinic in Ahmedabad

  • The dental implant is a treatment that has a higher success rate as compared to other dental replacement like dental bridges.
  • You can feel as similar to natural teeth.
  • As per the oral care, and for the bone health. With the experience of the oral surgeon who performs dental implant surgery, you can get the best solution.
  • If gum tissue and bone structure cannot support a dental implant, then in the second number the dental bridge can be recommended to replace the missing tooth or teeth.


Not only are dental implants but their many dental replacement procedures available. But just in case to adjust the teeth properly and for the natural looking the dental implant is highly adaptable.

Source: Hidden risks of the missing teeth:  Need to know

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