What Is The Difference Between A Custom Home And A Spec Home?


A custom home is a home that was designed and built by an architect or builder, in which the original design was created for a specific individual or family. This can be accomplished with a combination of new construction and remodeling. A spec house is a type of home built to meet the local market’s demand for houses with standardized floor plans, features, and design elements. Consult Home Builders Adelaide if you are confused which suits you more.


A spec home is built in a factory to meet the needs of a customer, but it is also built to a standard design. Spec homes are typically built to a budget and schedule, which means that they are often less expensive than custom homes and can be delivered more quickly.


Custom homes are built to suit the needs of the homeowner. This means that they often include features that would not be found in a standard model home, such as unique floor plans and custom exterior finishes. 

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Such homes are constructed by either a Home Builders Adelaide or general contractor, with construction beginning on your lot and ending when you move into it.

Whether or not your custom home is new construction or renovation depends on what type of builder you choose to work with:

  • Custom builders build from scratch on your land. They can take months to complete their projects; however, if it’s something you’ve dreamed about for years, this will be worth every minute of waiting!
  • General contractors renovate an existing structure (i.e., one already built) into something special for you and yours! It’s usually quicker than building from scratch—which means less time spent away from family and friends while waiting for it all to get done just right!


When you hear the words “spec home,” what comes to mind? Perhaps you imagine a cookie-cutter house with no personality. That’s because so many people use the terms “spec home” and “custom home” interchangeably. But there is a difference between custom and spec homes that can make a big difference in your experience as a homeowner.

A custom home is built on site to order rather than mass produced in a factory or built off-site by another company or builder (like a modular home). It’s also designed specifically for its location, rather than following a standard design from the manufacturer—which means no two homes are alike! A true custom home is built according to your wishes and needs, so it can be anything from an ultra modern chic showpiece to something more classic and traditional depending on what suits you best!


If you’re in the market for a new home, there are many things that you need to consider before you hire Home Builders Adelaide. This post was designed to help inform buyers about the differences between a custom-built home and a spec home, so they can make an informed decision when buying or building. 

It’s important to know how these two types of homes differ so that you can find one that meets all of your needs!


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