Why Is It Important To Prefer Termite Inspection In A New Home?


So, you must be planning to buy a new home. Eventually, buying a new home is a beautiful yet overwhelming process. While there are lots of reasons to divide attention, the idea of Melbourne Pest Control is another brick added to the process.

If you are still perplexed on whether to choose Eco-Safe Pest Control in Melbourne before shifting to a new home or not, you may need to read this guide till the end.

Termites are proven to nullify the quality of furniture under your nose (without your observation). So, it is always a wise step to ensure the existence of termites in the place before you invest in any new home.

In case if there is an existence of termites in the place or land where you plan to build a house, you may risk your money. We say it because termites are small insects that can ruin the furniture, wood, and sometimes, it has a significant impact on health.

Know, How Termites Can Affect A Home

Reportedly, termites can damage more than $5 billion properties every year. They are also known as silent destroyers because they chew wood, flooring, and wallpapers easily. Termites attack in clusters so the expected damage to wood or any property is at par.

If you are planning to live in a colony, you can’t imagine how faster termites can spread from one house to another and damage various properties.

The home areas where termites start to damage are slab foundations. Whereas, areas, where wood remains in connection with dirt, can also start becoming a huge problem to your furnishing.

Melbourne Pest Control

Ensure Termite Inspection Before You Book A New Home

If you have to start repairing a house after termite damage, it may cost lots of money. It will depend upon how many wood termites have eaten, where the damaged wood is located, and how long the colony has in the house.

In most cases, termite repairs can cost more than the actual construction of a building did.

This is the reason, it is so important to ensure termite inspection before you finalize a building. However, a termite inspection is way more different from a standard inspection in which the termite inspector figures out the condition of the home structure from the top to the bottom.

Most of the time, the procedure of termite inspection takes around an hour to complete.

The process runs in a straight and simple way in which a termite specialist inspects and probes the home from the attic to the basement for evaluating the termite signs.

If they find any evidence of termites such as swollen floors or ceilings, buckling wood, the affected area, and odour like mould and mildew, they start working on the removal procedure. Once they receive an inspection report and detail any infestation, they start proceeding with the removal of termites from the roots.

Wrapping up,

If you want your experience of purchasing a new home to become mind-blowing instead of mind-boggling, choose the right pest control Melbourne services immediately.

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