Your Essential Checklist For Salon Supplies


Whether you’re an aspiring hairstylist, a beauty blogger, or just want to give yourself the best salon experience possible, these are the essential salon supplies you’ll need in your home salon. They may seem pricey at first, but they’ll pay for themselves over time and be worth every penny spent on them. 

Hair Styling Chair

  • A modern hair styling chair is designed to be comfortable and efficient.
  • To ensure safety and comfort, your stylist needs to have a good back support, adjustable height and additional features such as armrests and a foot rest. 

These chairs also feature rollers or wheels that make it easy for the stylist to move from client to client without having to lift each person up out of their chair.

These chairs are designed to be sturdy, yet lightweight and easy to transport. The styling chair should also come with a wheeled base that allows the stylist mobility around the salon or home.

Manicure Station

Your manicure station should be able to sterilize tools, clean up messes, have a place to store supplies and a place for the client to sit.

Manicure stations can be as simple as a table with an open drawer from which you retrieve your supplies. These are fine if you’re working in an office space or home where there’s no sink nearby. 

If you’re working in a salon setting with sinks readily available though, that’s not going to cut it! Your clients deserve better than that—they deserve professional standards of sanitation and hygiene.

In order to achieve this goal of high quality service, we recommend purchasing one of these manicure tables.

salon supplies

Pedicure Station

The pedicure station is a place for the customer to relax while they get their feet massaged, scrubbed and polished. Your manicure table should be comfortable, with the right height so that you can work easily. 

You’ll want your foot spa or bath to be big enough for two people at once (if you offer pedicures) and it should have a drainage system in case of overflow. A nail dryer will help dry nails quickly after a manicure or pedicure so that customers don’t have to wait outside while they dry naturally.

Aesthetically speaking, keep in mind how much space is available in your salon when designing this area so that it doesn’t take over an entire wall or corner. 

Makeup Station

When you are planning your salon, be sure to include a separate area for the makeup artist. This can include a chair, mirror, lighting and storage for makeup and tools.

The makeup artist should have adequate space to work, and this includes the ability to store all of their products. This can be done in a cabinet or on countertops, but it must be within easy reach of your customers.


Now that you’ve got an idea of what your salon supplies checklist might look like, it’s time to make a plan. You may not need all of these items right away, but as your business grows and evolves, we hope that this list is helpful for keeping track of everything you need for success in the long run!

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