Your Website’s Ranking Dropped After Buying Backlinks? Here Is What To Do!

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Backlinks are the backbone of a website’s strength. They speak of how large a website is in terms of its reach. Consider links to be the limbs of a website. And thus we spend big lots of money to buy backlinks for our websites. We sit back and sip upon the cold beer and wait for the website to rise. And just when we finish our beer, we see the rankings drop and the total pleasure that we were in till starts to drop. We come to our senses. This happens to many in the world, said . People spend money to buy backlinks and rise, but instead it starts to fall. What to do in such cases?

The work of backlinks is to support a website. The quality of backlinks decides the quality of this support.

Reasons for drop in SERP ranking after creating backlinks!

Before we delve into the solutions, let us understand the complete ongoing through a real life analogy. The question is, why do we buy backlinks? What is the need? What purpose do these backlinks serve?

We buy backlinks in the digital world because human psychology and society works this way. Humans are social animals. Our very existence depends on how we interact with each other. It lets us rise in the world and in the social hierarchy. We create networks with like-minded people in the world in a way to gain the fame we crave. It happens all through the world, no matter what the language is, land is, river beside is, or staple diet is. For example, a doctor tries creating his/her social network by joining the group of doctors and people who are interested in doctors. This helps him get an authority in the subject because famous and expert doctors have links to him. We all try getting clicked with famous people. This is our way of reaching the masses and gaining fame. But then, it does not mean that the more people we know the more famous we are in life. What if you know murderers and gangsters? This same, happens in link building too, says . This is why not all the efforts put in link building pay.

Here are the possible reasons for the drop in website’s ranking after spending money in backlinks!

You have spent your money to buy spam backlinks!

It all had started when the internet was a new word for the world. The time was around the year 2000 and Google had started to toddle around. It was naive but it had a revolutionary idea to rank the websites – the backlinks. The idea was revolutionary because it had the real weight. After all, this is how we behave in the real life. But we humans tend to exploit everything for our own benefit. And so we started to exploit Google too. People started to farm links (creating a group of websites and then linking them to each other) in order to manipulate the search engines. This led to people extracting business out of this all. People started selling links in bulk at a very cheap price. Earlier you could have seen websites built cheaply where people are selling 100-200 backlinks at 10$-20$ . This continues today too, but in limited numbers.

Link Building is hard, terribly hard, such that experts consider it to be the hardest part of the whole. And if you’ve gone to buy backlinks after spending some peanuts to get 50-100 links, then know that you’ve been spammed. All that they do is to link your website to a huge number of spam websites. This furthermore hurts your website. Google drops the ranking of those websites that have connections to bad digital people, i.e. spam websites. Such is its power that competitors use this technique too. We’ll discuss this in the next point.

You’ve been a victim of Negative SEO!

Because search engines now take spam backlinks as a negative ranking factor, people use it to harm the competitors’ websites. This is a foul market practice that is still prevalent. Why? Because some wise man had said that everything is fair in love and war. Well, so, competitors buy spam links, cheap spam links, in bulk and then direct them to their competitors’ websites. This leads to a drop in their competitors’ websites, thus making way for their own website to grow. We call this thing Negative SEO.

If you have faced a drop in your ranking recently, it is time to check your backlinks. You might use some paid tools or use Google Search Console to have a look at your penalties. This is something that needs to be taken care of by time.

You buy backlinks that are suspicious!

You might think that you’ve paid well for your backlinks. We buy backlinks, but sometimes these backlinks possess qualities that look suspicious to the search engines. When you buy backlinks, make sure that they possess some of the desired qualities.

  • The backlinks should be in the same niche as the target website. For example, if your website deals in the food industry, getting backlinks from websites about pharma industries is suspicious (unless you are selling stale food that is making people sick). Try to ensure that you get backlinks from websites that come under your niche. This indicates to Google that you are on the right path and related people are talking about you. You rarely will believe a pharma expert criticizing a gourmet dish.
  • When you buy backlinks, make sure they have a high DA and PA score. DA and PA scores stand for Domain Authority and Page Authority, and tells about the authority and expertise of a page and a domain. It simply means that an already established person is speaking about you, and thus you must have something in you that is valuable to the people. Buy backlinks from expert companies that offer links with high DA and PA scores like . It ensures that your website stays on the right track.
  • Your backlinks should be from the same country domain, ccTLD. For example, if your business is in Australia, getting links from China will look suspicious.
  • The websites linking to you are located on servers that host other spam websites.

Check for all these things. If you suspect that the backlinks you have bought do not possess these qualities, it is time for a change.

Conclusion on buying backlinks and SERP ranking!

Backlinks work like the roots of a website. They let it have a greater reach and thus seep out greater link juice from the internet. But to ensure that things work well, the roots must seek good soil. Similarly, you do not have to just buy backlinks but better quality backlinks in the same niche and with high DA and PA score. It will ensure that your website gets the respect it deserves from the search engines. One thing you must know is that it is hard to get quality links. This is why all those companies that you see on top of SERP invest big amounts of money in backlinks and thus reap greater benefits later on. Try looking for a genuine and expert company that understands the digital needs. Buy backlinks from reputed agencies like that have a proven past record. It will help your website reach relevant masses with ease and grace.

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