Is Annual Termite Inspection Worth It?


As we all know, home ownership is a long-term investment. So it makes sense to pay close attention to the condition of your property over time. But how often do you inspect it? Most people aren’t in the habit of checking their homes for termites every year—but they should be! Here are five great reasons why annual termite inspection Melbourne are so important:

Your property condition changes yearly

Your home or business changes year-to-year. What you may not realize is that these changes can have a negative impact on termites and their ability to invade your property. Whether it’s the weather, the seasons, an environmental change, or even structural changes in your property—all of these factors can result in an increase or decrease of termites in your area.

However, if you have annual inspections performed by a professional termite inspection Melbourne company, then you will know if there is a problem before it becomes too late!
Identify the problem early.

termite inspection Melbourne

An annual termite inspection is the best way to identify the problem early. It’s much easier for our certified pest control technician to find and treat your home before the infestation gets out of hand, which can save you money in the long run.

Without an inspection, it’s possible that you could end up paying more than necessary for treatment because it was done later in the process.

Value preservation of property.

Termites are a serious threat to your property. A termite inspection is the first step in identifying any activity that could lead to damage. Termites are attracted to moisture and humidity, so they’ll often be found in basements, garages or other areas that have high levels of these elements.

But if you see them anywhere else on your property—inside walls or under floors—a professional can assist you with removal.

Termites eat wood and will damage structural elements of your home if left unchecked long enough. They also produce waste that damages insulation as well as paint finishes on exterior walls because they secrete enzymes while eating wood products used inside homes like furniture or cabinets, which may contain chemicals that interact with these enzymes causing discoloration within hours of being painted over by an inexperienced painter who doesn’t know how dangerous this can be without proper protective gear such as masks & gloves (or even worse no precautions at all).


Termites are not always a bad thing. They can be beneficial to your yard by eating the dead wood or other debris that might otherwise cause a fire hazard. However, when they are in your home or business, things start to get a little more serious.

You may think that if you don’t see any visible signs of damage on the surface then there’s no need for concern about termites in your home or business.

However, because of how quickly these pests can eat through wood and other materials it’s best not to take any chances with them by letting an annual inspection go without having one done regularly if you live near major cities where there are many buildings constructed from this material type.

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